Khao mak

Khao mak (Thai: ข้าวหมาก, pronounced [kʰâw màːk]), also known as Thai Fermented Sweet Rice Dessert is an ancient Thai dessert for adults, as it has a touch of natural alcohol.

Khao-Mak is a conventional fermented sticky rice. In Thailand, it is known as a dessert with the taste like alcohol. It is a traditional Thai dessert for adults, because of it taste of alcohol. Also known as Thai Fermented Sweet Rice Dessert. The fermentation of sweet sticky rice and Look-Pang gives a taste of alcohol. A sweet sticky rice fermented with Look-Pang and consumed by adults only. It has a strong alcoholic flavor with a sweet taste and often wrapped in banana leaves.

Look-Pang is a traditional starch ball, originally from China. Its shape is a semicircular with 3-4 cm diameter. There are many ingredients such as garlic, galangal and pepper with mold and yeast. It takes 2-3 days for fermentation, The smell of alcohol is emitted by yeast of the genus Hansenula. This is one way to preserve sticky rice and it is similar to the way Mekong Whiskey is made.

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