Khanom bueang Yuan

Khanom bueang Yuan
Type Traditional Thai snack
Place of origin Thailand
Serving temperature hot
Main ingredients Rice flour, coconut milk, egg, vegetable oil, Dry turmeric and Dry coconut flake, tofu, bean sprout, dry shrimp
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Khanom bueang Yuan (Thai: ขนมเบื้องญวณ) is Vietnamese crepe. It inspired the Thai version, which changed the ingredients conform to Thai tastes.


Khanom bueang Yuan is a traditional Thai snack similar to Khanom bueang, except that it uses savories with a salty taste. "Yuan" in its name means Vietnamese, indicating that this dish came from Vietnam. It is offered by some street vendors and is available at many Bangkok restaurants serving Thai or royal cuisine.


Various ingredients appear in Khanom bueang Yuan. The most important ingredients in Thailand are stuffed with a minced mixture of shredded coconut, roasted peanuts, shrimp, salted radish and fried tofu and served with bean sprouts and a sweet cucumber relish.

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