Key Coalition

Key Coalition
Коалиција Кључ
Koalicija Ključ
Leader Miodrag Lekić
Founded 8 September 2016
Dissolved 16 October 2016
Headquarters Podgorica
Political position Big tent
Slogan The best for Montenegro!
Seats won in the 2016 parliamentary election
9 / 81

The Key Coalition (Montenegrin: Коалиција Кључ / Koalicija Ključ) was an opposition political alliance in Montenegro. It is composed of the Democratic Alliance (DEMOS), Socialist People's Party (SNP) and United Reform Action (URA). The main goal of the coalition was to overthrow the ruling Democratic Party of Socialists of Montenegro (DPS) of Milo Đukanović, which has been in power since 1991. Miodrag Lekić led the joint electoral list in the parliamentary election in October 2016.[1] The coalition ran in the 2016 parliamentary election under the slogan "The best for Montenegro!".[2] However, following the election, in which the Key Coalition won 11.05% of the votes and 9 seats, its member parties went on to create separate parliamentary groups and the coalition was de facto dissolved.


Parliamentary election

Parliament of Montenegro
Year Popular vote % of popular vote Seats before Seat change Overall seats won Government
2016 42,295 11.05%
13 / 81
9 / 81

Member parties

Party nameAbbr.LeaderIdeologySeats wonChange
Democratic Alliance
Demokratski savez
Демократски савез
DEMOS Liberal conservatism
Miodrag Lekić
4 / 81
Socialist People's Party
Socijalistička narodna partija
Социјалистичка народна партија
SNP Social democracy
Social conservatism
Srđan Milić
3 / 81
United Reform Action
Ujedinjena reformska akcija
Уједињена реформска акција
URA Social liberalism
Žarko Rakčević
2 / 81


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