Kenyan Australians

Kenyan Australians
Total population
13,832 (by birth)[1]
3,786 (by ancestry)[1]
Regions with significant populations
Western Australia 4,397[1]
Victoria 2,850[1]
New South Wales 2,764[1]
Queensland 2,062[1]
English · Swahili · Gujarati · Kikuyu · Dinka · Luo · Languages of Kenya
Christianity · Islam · Hinduism · Other
Related ethnic groups
African Australians

Kenyan Australians are Australian citizens and residents of Kenyan origin and descent. They may be of indigenous African, European, or Indian heritage.[2]


Uncertainties about the future of colonial-run Kenya prompted many Kenyan-born settlers of both European and Indian backgrounds to migrate to other countries, including Australia. There are also many Swahili-speaking Kenyans of indigenous African ancestry.[2] The majority of such migrants had no difficulty getting work and settling into the Australian community.[2]

The majority of Kenyan Australians are skilled and educated, with 72.5% of the Kenyan-born aged 15 years and over possessing higher non-school qualifications, compared to 55.9% of the Australian population.[2]


The 2011 Census noted there are 13,832 Kenya-born people in Australia.[2] About one in five Australians who claim Kenyan ancestry live in Sydney.[3]


The languages most commonly spoken at home by Kenyan-born Australians are English and Swahili, however Gujurati, Dinka and other languages are not uncommon.[2] Kikuyu is a Kenyan language spoken by over one hundred Australians at home, and Luo is also spoken by about one hundred Australians.[4]

About 5,000 Kenyan-born Australians speak a language indigenous to Africa at home.[5] Some of the over 10,700 Australian-born who speak an African language may also speak a language of Kenya.[5]

The 74 languages the Special Broadcasting Service broadcasts in includes Swahili and Dinka, both languages spoken by many Kenyan-born Australians.[6]

Notable people

Festus Kosgei-Politician

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