Katso language

Native to China
Native speakers
4,000 (1997)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 kaf
Glottolog kats1235[3]

Katso, also known as Kazhuo (autonyms: kʰɑ˥tso˧˩, kɑ˥tso˧˩; Chinese: 卡卓), is a Loloish language of Xingmeng Township (兴蒙乡), Tonghai County, Yunnan, China. The speakers are officially classified as ethnic Mongols, although they speak a Loloish language.

Katso speakers call themselves kʰɑ˥tso˧˩ (卡卓) or kɑ˥tso˧˩ (嘎卓) (Kazhuoyu Yanjiu).

Lama (2012) lists the following sound changes from Proto-Loloish as Kazhuoish innovations.

  • *x- > s-
  • *mr- > z-


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