Karoh Peak

Karoh Peak
Karoh Peak
Location of Karoh peak in Haryana
Karoh Peak
Karoh Peak (India)
Highest point
Elevation 1,467 m (4,813 ft)
Listing List of Indian states and territories by highest point
Coordinates 30°44′37″N 77°04′37″E / 30.74361°N 77.07694°E / 30.74361; 77.07694Coordinates: 30°44′37″N 77°04′37″E / 30.74361°N 77.07694°E / 30.74361; 77.07694[1][2]
Location Panchkula district, Haryana, India
Parent range Sivalik Hills of Himalayas
Easiest route Hike / scramble

Karoh Peak is a 1,467-metre (4,813 ft) tall mountain peak in the Sivalik Hills range of greater Himalayas range located near Morni Hills area of Panchkula district, Haryana, India. It is highest point in the state of Haryana[3][4][1][5]

Etymology and Religious Significance

Karoh Peak is named the local Hindu deity, the Kroh or Karoh Deota.[3]

Karoh Deota Temple and Archaeological Site

The Karoh Deota is the presiding deity of the Karoh hill. At the top there are three brick and mortar shrines of Karoh deota. There are also rock sculptures placed outside one of the shrine, that are archaeological fragments of ruined ancient Hindu temples.[3]

Highest point in Haryana

At 1467 metres Karoh Peak is the highest mountain peak in the state of Haryana. The British rulers had originally and incorrectly recorded in The Imperial Gazetteer of India the height of Karoh Hill to be 1499 metres. Actual measurements by the Survey of India found the actual height to be 100 feet lower and official height was revised down to 1467 metres.[3][4][5]

River Basins

It is located within the Indus river basin and Ghaggar-Hakra River basin. The Ghaggar-Hakra River basin which is said to be remnant of Sarasvati River, that is said to originate from Adi Badri (Haryana), was home of the Indus Valley Civilisation.[3][4][1]

Forests and Trekking

One can take motored transport from Chandigarh via Panchkula to reach Chhamla-Daman-Thapli road in Haryana. The Karoh Peak is nearly 500 m (1,640 ft) vertical distance from Chhamla-Daman-Thapli road and can be climbed by traversing a 2 kilometres (1.2 mi) trek via the dhanis (small settlements) of Churi and Diyothi of Bhoj Darara.[3][4]

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