Karkiya dynasty

The Kar-Kiya dynasty, or Kia dynasty, was a Zaydi Shia dynasty which ruled over Bia pish (eastern Gilan) from the 1370s to 1592. They claimed Sasanian ancestry as well.

The Karkiya dynasty helped shah Ismail I to establish the Safavid Empire and later became a vassal state of the empire. The Safavid shah, Abbas I put an end to the Kia'i dynasty by dispatching an army to Gilan in 1592.[1]

Karkiya rulers

  • Ali Kiya (r. 1370s-1389)
  • Hady Kiya (r. 1389-1394)
  • Amir Sayyed Mohammad (1394-1430)
  • Sayyed Naser Kiya (1430-1448)
  • Soltan-Mohammad Kiya (1448-1478)
  • Soltan-Ali Mirza (1478-1505)
  • Soltan-Ahmad Khan (r. 1506-1534)
  • Soltan-Kiya Ali (1534-1534/5)
  • Soltan-Hasan Kiya (1534/5-1538)
  • Khan Ahmad Khan (r. 1538-1592)


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