Justice and Reconciliation Party

Justice and Reconciliation Party (formerly Bosniak Democratic Union of Sandžak)
Stranka pravde i pomirenja
Bosnian name Stranka pravde i pomirenja
Serbian name Странка правде и помирења
Leader Muamer Zukorlić
Founded 2010 (renamed as Justice and Reconciliation Party in 2017)
Headquarters Novi Pazar
Ideology Islamic democracy
Bosniak nationalism
Social Liberalism
Liberal Conservatism
Political position Right-wing
National Assembly
2 / 250
Official website

The Justice and Reconciliation Party (Bosnian: Stranka pravde i pomirenja; Serbian: Странка правде и помирења), formerly known as the Bosniak Democratic Union of Sandžak (Bosnian: Bošnjačka demokratska zajednica Sandžaka; Serbian: Бошњачка демократска заједница Санџака), is a political party of the Bosniak ethnic minority concentrated in the Sandžak region in southwestern Serbia.


It contested the 2014 parliamentary elections as part of a joint list with the Liberal Democratic Party and Social Democratic Union, but the alliance received only 3.4% of the vote, failing to win a seat.[1]

In the 2016 parliamentary elections it ran alone, winning two seats.[2]

The party officially changed its name from the Bosniak Democratic Union of Sandžak to the Justice and Reconciliation Party on December 23, 2017.[3] Jahja Fehratović had led the party from its formation until this time; following the name change, Muamer Zukorlić was recognized as leader.

Local elections

2016 Elections
Novi Pazar[4]
10 / 47
6 / 37
7 / 39
5 / 61
(in coalition)
Nova Varoš[8]
0 / 27
5 / 41
(in coalition)
33 / 252


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