Josephine, Guardian Angel

Josephine, Guardian Angel
Created by Laurent Chouchan
Philippe Niang
Michel Lengliney
Starring Mimie Mathy
Country of origin  France
No. of seasons 21
No. of episodes 85
Running time 90 minutes
Original network TF1 (France)
La Une / RTBF (Belgium)
RTS Un (Switzerland)
Séries+ (Canada)
TV3 (Spain)
La7 (Italy)
STB (Ukraine)
Aspara (Cambodia)
PAD (Vietnam)
Nowa TV (Poland)
Original release December 15, 1997 - present
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Josephine, Guardian Angel (Joséphine, ange gardien) is a French television series. It has been aired since 1997 on TF1 (France).


Joséphine Delamarre is a guardian angel that Heaven sends to earth. With her psychological insight, ability of persuasion and her magical powers, she manages to help people who have problems. She appears at the beginning of each mission; when the mission is completed, she disappears by snapping her fingers.


Season 1 (1997)

Episode 1: Le miroir aux enfants

  • Director: Dominique Baron
  • Writer: Philippe Niang
  • Original Air Date: December 15, 1997
  • Casting: Mimie Mathy (Joséphine Delamarre), Tessa Szczeciniarz (Alice), Julie Jézéquel (Chantal), Jean-Paul Comart (Richard), Henri Marteau (Paul), François Bourcier (Gabriel), Anne Aor (Daphné), ...
  • Plot: Joséphine is helping Alice, a 9-year-old figure skating girl. She would like to stop the competition but her mother does not want to listen.

Season 2 (1998)

Episode 2: L'enfant oublié

  • Director: Alain Bonnot
  • Writer: Nathalie Alquier
  • Original Air Date: January 26, 1998
  • Casting: Mimie Mathy (Joséphine Delamarre), Jessica Lecucq (Emma), Nadine Spinoza (Françoise), Patrick Fierry (Paul), Paul Guers (Pierre), Catherine Sola (Valentine), Gérard Sergue (Jacques), Marie Arnaudy (Catherine), Iliana Lolitch (Dr. Rossignol), Marion Hebert (Sophie), Jonathan Gomis (Lucas), ...
  • Plot: Josephine is helping Emma, 10, who lost her brother after a truck accident. While waiting for her mother to get better, Emma lives with her maternal grandparents. But Emma wants to go home.

Episode 3: Le Tableau noir

  • Director: Laurent Dussaux
  • Writer: Marie-Luce David
  • Original Air Date: December 7, 1998
  • Casting: Mimie Mathy (Joséphine Delamarre), Patrick Pineau (Thierry), Natalia Dontcheva (Loanne), Jérémie Lippmann (Jérémy), Emmanuel Vieilly (Che), Jean-Michel Leray (Erwan), Tinam Liepa (Aïcha), Victor Montel (Benjamin Sevrin/Yoyo), Alain Rimoux (M. Picard), Martine Thinières (Mlle Martinez), Jean-François Gallotte (M. Waniski), Mohamed Hicham (Nordine), Omar Dawson (Akim), Abdel Kader Dahou (Rachid), ...
  • Plot: Joséphine is helping a French teacher in a suburban high school. She will have to restore her taste for life and teaching after the death of his wife.

Season 3 (1999)

Episode 4: La Part du doute

  • Director: Dominique Baron
  • Writer: Éric Taraud
  • Original Air Date: January 25, 1999
  • Casting: Mimie Mathy (Joséphine Delamarre), Judith El Zein (Dominique), Jean-Yves Berteloot (Simon), Olivier Marchal (Serge), Cyrille Thouvenin (Gaël), Cédric Grimoin (Laurent), Pierre Laroche (André), Anne Bellec (Henriette), Jacques Boudet (Bar owner), Eric Taraud (Antoine), Jean-Christophe Chedotal (Pierre), Patrick Yvenou (Raymond), ...
  • Plot: Josephine helps Simon to try to remove all the suspicions and rumors that weigh on himself from the murder of his brother.

Episode 5: Une mauvaise passe

  • Director: Pierre Joassin
  • Writer: Christine Miller & Pierre Joassin
  • Original Air Date: June 14, 1999
  • Casting: Mimie Mathy (Joséphine Delamarre), Olivia Brunaux (Véronique Maillard), Valérie Vogt (Corinne), Patrick Catalifo (Wadeck Maréchal), Laura Martel (Vanessa Maillard), Marie Coesens (Chloé Maillard), Vincent Grass (Fat client), Jean Dell (The officer), ...
  • Plot: Josephine comes to the aid of Veronica, who is crushed under the debts of her husband. Having no money left, she eventually fell into prostitution. Between good and bad dating, Josephine will do everything possible to make her client return to the right path.

Episode 6: Une nouvelle vie

  • Director: Philippe Monnier
  • Writer: Eric Taraud
  • Original Air Date: August 30, 1999
  • Casting: Mimie Mathy (Joséphine Delamarre), Didier Bienaimé (Pierre), Valérie Stroh (Claire), Marie-Armelle Deguy (Solange), Nicolas Marais (Thomas), Patrick Serraf (Samy), Hugues Boucher (Francis), Marc-Etienne Bardela (Sylvain), Maurice Chevit (Cyprien), Jacques Bouanich (Mariano), ...
  • Plot: Josephine comes to the aid of Pierre Castignac, become amnesic after a car accident. Peter thinks he is called by another name and he learns with loss and crash that he is married to a woman and that he is the father of a child. However, he and his wife are ready to divorce. Josephine tries to find out the real reasons for Pierre's sudden loss of consciousness. What he will learn from his previous life is going to be a real shock to him.

Episode 7: Une santé d'enfer

  • Director: Henri Helman
  • Writer: Marie-Hélène Saller & Hélène Woillot
  • Original Air Date: November 8, 1999
  • Casting: Mimie Mathy (Joséphine Delamarre), Élisabeth Vitali (Camille Monin), Eva Mazauric (Nicole Brunet), Gabrielle Forest (Sophie Decourt), Yvon Back (Pierre Chaumont), André Penvern (Roland Monin), Pierre Vernier (Jean-Louis Pirou), Eric Savin (Max), Christian Loustau (Jacques), Joan Titus (Caroline), Erwan Creignou (Laurent), Christian Moro (Antoine), Erick Chabot (Franck Brunet), ...
  • Plot: Joséphine is helping Camille Monnin, a 35-year-old bachelor, an occupational physician, has been fighting for years to ban DH4, a solvent she has repeatedly found toxic effects on the health of workers. Neither the labor inspectorate, nor the businessmen, nor even the workers, want to acknowledge the gravity of the situation. Joséphine decides to be hired as a worker to help Camille.

Season 4 (2000)

Episode 8: Une famille pour Noël

  • Director: Nicolas Cuche
  • Writer: Jean-Luc Seigle
  • Original Air Date: February 26, 2000
  • Casting: Mimie Mathy (Joséphine Delamarre), Jean-Michel Dupuis (Martin), Christian Brendel (Thierry), Isabelle Renauld (Christine), Stéphanie Pasterkamp (Sandrine), Adrien François (Julien), Volodia Serre (Rodolph), Christian Cloarec (Rodin), Stéphanie Lagarde (Constance), ...
  • Plot: Joséphine helps Sandrine, a teenager who comes to spend Christmas with her little brother Julien at her father Martin. Only Martin lives with a man and Sandrine wants more than ever to gather his parents.

Episode 9: Le Combat de l'ange

  • Director: Laurence Katrian
  • Writer: Chantal Renaud
  • Original Air Date: May 8, 2000
  • Casting: Mimie Mathy (Joséphine Delamarre), Éva Darlan (Armelle Langlois), Samuel Labarthe (Germain Dieuleveut), Julie Durand (Chloé Langlois), Philippe Bizari (Simon Langlois), Hélène Médigue (Noémie), Jean-Marie Juan (Alexis), Arnaud Viard (Bruno), Chantal Garrigues (Gabrielle), Jean Alibert (Gérard), Éric Périssé (Gaspard), ...
  • Plot: Joséphine is helping Armelle Langlois, who has been a member of the "Connaissance et Harmonie" sect for 3 years (after her husband's death). Because of this, she completely abandons her children, Simon 19 years and Chloé 15 years.

Episode 10: Des Cultures différentes

  • Director: Philippe Monnier
  • Writer: Françoise Pasquini & Jean-Paul Demure
  • Original Air Date: October 9, 2000
  • Casting: Mimie Mathy (Joséphine Delamarre), Jean-Claude Adelin (François), Hélène de Saint-Père (Mathilde), Bernard Verley (Pierre), Jean-Marie Winling (Germon), Mandiaye Ba (Omar), Jean Dell (The veterinarian), ...
  • Plot: Joséphine comes to the aid of François who has just taken over the farm of his father, who had to retire. He decides to reorient production and embark on organic farming. Josephine arrived in the meantime as a housekeeper, to help and appease the young man, at least surpassed by his new activity. Indeed, Mathilde, the pregnant wife of the new farmer, can less and less assist him in the tasks of the farm. Tensions arise insidiously within the couple. To top it all off, Francois no longer communicates with his father Pierre, insisting on wanting to assume everything. Omar, a small African wounded in the war, allied himself with Josephine, hoping to see Francois solve his problems.

Episode 11: Pour l'amour d'un ange

  • Director: Denis Malleval
  • Writer: Lorraine Lévy
  • Original Air Date: December 4, 2000
  • Casting: Mimie Mathy (Joséphine Delamarre), François-Régis Marchasson (Baltus), Valeria Cavalli (Hannah), Erick Desmarestz (Froment), Martine Gautier (Dolores), Fred Bianconi (Doctor Monnier), ...
  • Plot: Josephine helps Baltus, an opera singer who has cancer and can not sing anymore. Little by little, they fall in love but Josephine loses her powers because she is an angel and she can not love. She begins especially to have several burns, because love is a feeling too strong for her ... Josephine then appeals to the ex of Baltus, Hannah, who will try to reconquer it.

Season 5 (2001)

Episode 12: Romain et Jamila

  • Director: Jacob Berger
  • Writer: Marie-Hélène Saller & Hélène Woillot
  • Original Air Date: February 12, 2001
  • Casting: Mimie Mathy (Joséphine Delamarre), Amidou (Farid), Sonia Mankaï (Jamila), Yannick Soulier (Romain), Farida Amrouche (Leila), Souad Amidou (Nizah), Linda Bouhenni (Souria), Irène Tassembedo (Awa), Stéphane Boucher (Bruno), Juliette Failevic (Micheline), ...
  • Plot: Joséphine comes to the aid of Jamila who marries a Frenchman, Romain, against the advice of her father who forbids everyone to see her again.

Episode 13: La Tête dans les étoiles

  • Director: Denis Malleval
  • Writer: Lorraine Levy, Didier Lacoste, Françoise Pasquini & Jean-Paul Demure
  • Original Air Date: April 14, 2001
  • Casting: Mimie Mathy (Joséphine Delamarre), Christian Rauth (Charles Brunet), Georges Du Fresne (Jérôme Brunet), Laurent Olmedo (Martin), Isabelle Habiague (Claire Madec), Lizzie Brocheré (Katia), Hugo Florsheimer (Paulo Brunet), Aurélien Levitan (Fred), Nicolas Navazo (Verdier), Gérard Chaillou (Monsieur Chabrot), Erwan Demaure (Denis), ...
  • Plot: Josephine comes to the aid of Jérôme Brunet, a 16-year-old high school student who lives with his younger brother on the shipyard of Charles their father. Since the accidental death of their mother, Jerome accumulates the failures. So much so that his father dropped his arms and thought of taking him out of the school to take him to the yard with him.

Episode 14: La Fautive

  • Director: Laurent Dussaux
  • Writer: Isabelle de Botton & Sophie Deschamps
  • Original Air Date: October 1, 2001
  • Casting: Mimie Mathy (Joséphine Delamarre), Natalia Dontcheva (Brigitte), Vania Vilers (Monsieur Santreuil), Jean-Michel Tinivelli (Xavier), Valérie Sibilia (Charlotte), Fanny Gilles (Vanessa), Pierre-Marie Escourrou (Patrick), Philippe Uchan (Denis), Kevin Fernandes (Thomas), Enguerran Demeulenaere (Alexandre), Ariane Séguillon (Éliane), Marie-Charlotte Leclaire (Lucille), Christophe Rouzaud (Roger), Jean-Louis Tribes (Maxime), Alain Ganas (Paulo), Yan Epstein (Enzo), ...
  • Plot: Joséphine comes to help Brigitte locked up in prison which must be released in a few days. She will help him reconnect with his family and son who have abandoned him.

Episode 15: La Comédie du bonheur

  • Director: Dominique Baron
  • Writer: Nicolas Cuche & Eric Taraud
  • Original Air Date: November 5, 2001
  • Casting: Mimie Mathy (Joséphine Delamarre), Emma Colberti (Sandra), Thomas Jouannet (Yves), Pascale Roberts (Louise), Jean-Claude Bouillon (Adrien), Agnès Soral (Ariana), Michelle Brûlé (Régine), Sophie Bouilloux (Marie), Sandrine Molaro (Gigi), Annie Grégorio (Madame Berthier), Jean-Pierre Durand (René), ...
  • Plot: Joséphine comes to help Sandra, who has everything to be happy. Yet, in full ceremony of her marriage, she says "no" to her marriage and runs away. Josephine must find the reason for this refusal.

Season 6 (2002)

Episode 16: La Vérité en face

  • Director: André Chandelle
  • Writer: Lorraine Lévy & Didier Lacoste
  • Original Air Date: March 11, 2002
  • Casting: Mimie Mathy (Joséphine Delamarre), François Caron (François), Laurence Masliah (Hélène), Nathalie Roussel (Anne), Renaud Marx (Xavier), Raphaële Godin (Julia), Christian Crahay (Alex), Danièle Girard (Gloria), Sébastien Radovitch (Fredo), Stéphane De Groodt (The receptionist), ...
  • Plot: Joséphine comes to the aid of François, a former alcoholic who has made several detoxification cures. His last one was eight months ago. One evening, he relapsed and jeopardized his career as a teacher and his relationship as a couple.

Episode 17: Paillettes, claquettes et champagne

  • Director: Nicolas Cuche
  • Writer: Nicolas Cuche & Eric Taraud
  • Original Air Date: April 15, 2002
  • Casting: Mimie Mathy (Joséphine Delamarre), Alain Doutey (Alfredo Paoli), Delphine Sérina (Lila Paoli), Saïfi Ghoul (Sébastien Paoli), Eric Taraud (Gilles), Sophie Tellier (Aurore), Fabian Richard (Jérôme), Carmela Ramos (Laure), Catherine Salviat (Andrée), ...
  • Plot: Joséphine helps Alfrédo Paoli to put together a new show to save his cabaret Les folies d'Alfredo.

Episode 18: La Plus Haute Marche

  • Director: David Delrieux
  • Writer: Nicole Jamet & Marie-Anne Le Pezennec
  • Original Air Date: October 14, 2002
  • Casting: Mimie Mathy (Joséphine Delamarre), Babsie Steger (Ingrid), Rosemarie La Vaullée (Kalina), Vincent Winterhalter (Yann), Laura Granier (Aurélie), Margaux Caput (Ève), Elisa Vicentilli (Camille), Véronique Baylaucq (Madamme Beltramo), Frédérique Tirmont (Martha), Jean-Luc Porraz (Monsieur Perrin), Nathalie Nattier (Baba Ivanova), Sabrina Lehioui (Coralie), Isabelle Caubère (Nany Ève), Nils Öhlund (Nicolaï), ...
  • Plot: Josephine comes to the aid of Aurelie, a gymnast whose father refuses to persevere in this way. The angel then discovers a pitiless sporting environment. On the day of the selections for the French championship, Aurélie is accused of sabotaging the equipment of her rival Eve.

Episode 19: Nadia

  • Director: Laurent Dussaux
  • Writer: Isabelle de Botton & Sophie Deschamps
  • Original Air Date: November 25, 2002
  • Casting: Mimie Mathy (Joséphine Delamarre), Juliette Junot (Nadia), Béatrice Agenin (Christine Leroy), Yves Lambrecht (Alain Leroy), Claude Aufaure (Monsieur Albert), Xavier Rogé (Julien), Noëlla Dussart (Madame Picou), Julien Cafaro (Monsieur Picou), Élisabeth Margoni (Claire Mangin), Saïd Amadis (Samir Loussam), Manon Gaurin (Lisa Bolbec), Alexandre Deyna (Edouard Bolbec), Julien Le Gallou (Eliot Mangin), Jean Dell (Doctor Bolbec), ...
  • Plot: Josephine helps Nadia, a young woman of the Maghrebian age of 18 who is under the influence of a couple who uses her as a slave. Josephine will help Nadia out of her slavery and rediscover the freedom and joy of living.

Season 7 (2003)

Episode 20: Le Stagiaire

  • Director: Stéphane Kurc
  • Writer: Virginie Boda
  • Original Air Date: January 20, 2003
  • Casting: Mimie Mathy (Joséphine Delamarre), Julie Dray (Jennifer), Laure Duthilleul (Eliane), Gabriel Le Normand (Gabriel), Guillaume Barbot (Ludovic), Pascal Elso (Michel), Geoffroy Thiébaut (Christian), Selma Brook (Amélie), Grégory Fitoussi (Manu), Caroline Mouton (Sandrine), Priscilla Bescond (Cathie), Amélie Festa (Milène), Audrey Laurent (Samia), Thibault Vinçon (Alexis), Urbain Cancelier, ...
  • Plot: Joséphine helps Jennifer, a young high school mom, to take care of her baby. But the angel sees in the young woman that she is bothering to take care of Laetitia, her child. She must also train Gabriel, a future guardian angel.

Episode 21: Le Compteur à zéro

  • Director: Henri Helman
  • Writer: Laurence Dubos & Quentin Lemaire
  • Original Air Date: March 17, 2003
  • Casting: Mimie Mathy (Joséphine Delamarre), Jean-Pierre Michael (Marc), Cécile Bois (Sandrine), Christian Hecq (Kramer), Franck-Olivier Bonnet (Wajda), Sylvie Ferro (Françoise), Christophe Laubion (Chaudron), Paul Le Person (Glorion), Jerry Lucas (Bastien), Moa Khouas (Farid), Hervé Laudière (Boer), ...
  • Plot: Joséphine helps Marc, a car washer in a garage, to help him in his reading and to try to reconnect with his wife.

Episode 22: Belle à tout prix

  • Director: Patrick Malakian
  • Writer: Nicolas Cuche & Eric Taraud
  • Original Air Date: October 5, 2003
  • Casting: Mimie Mathy (Joséphine Delamarre), Frédéric van den Driessche (Rodolphe Klein), Mélisandre Meertens (Noémie), Claudine Wilde (Katia), Victor Wagner (Jean), Raphaël Baudoin (Fabian), Vincent Colombe (Steve), Thierry Heckendorn (Michel Soulas), Jean-Jacques Le Vessier (Boris), Cyrielle Clair (Catherine), Michèle Garcia (Madame Duclos), Pascale Louange (Kristina), Sabrina Van Tassel (Agneska), ...
  • Plot: Joséphine is helping Noémie who has just been chosen from more than 300 candidates to join a famous model agency in Paris. The young provincial is feverish at the idea of "climbing" for the first time in the capital. She decides to meet Rodolphe Klein, great photographer but the task is going to be tough and difficult because Rodolphe Klein is the father of Noémie.

Episode 23: Sens dessus dessous

  • Director: David Delrieux
  • Writer: Marie-Hélène Saller & Hélène Woillot
  • Original Air Date: October 27, 2003
  • Casting: Mimie Mathy (Joséphine Delamarre), Boris Terral (Renaud), Lucie Jeanne (Pauline), Margot Abascal (Olivia), Grégori Baquet (François), Charley Fouquet (Laura), Nathalie Krebs (Elisabeth), Emmanuelle Michelet (Sophie), Viviane Bonelli (Isabelle), ...
  • Plot: Josephine helps Pauline, talented stylist, victim of sexual harassment by her superior, Josephine must help her leave the box where she works and create her own.

Season 8 (2004)

Episode 24: Un frère pour Ben

  • Director: Philippe Venault
  • Writer: Nicole Jamet & Marie-Anne Le Pezennec
  • Original Air Date: January 26, 2004
  • Casting: Mimie Mathy (Joséphine Delamarre), Stéphanie Lagarde (Isabelle), Michel Bompoil (Antoine), Brieuc Quiniou (Lazlo), Antoine Nguyen (Benjamin), Richard Sammut (Petru), Vincent Doyon (Jean-Ba), Jordan Siall (Nico), Fanny Gatibelza (Rosy), ...
  • Plot: In this episode, we can hear an excerpt of the episode The Counter to Zero when Benji, Antoine and Lazlo are in front of the television.

Episode 25: Tous en chœur

  • Director: Patrick Malakian
  • Writer: Thierry Beauvert
  • Original Air Date: March 15, 2004
  • Casting: Mimie Mathy (Joséphine Delamarre), Thierry Neuvic (Camille), Mélanie Maudran (Jeanne), André Penvern (Michel), Gérard Lartigau (Girardin), Jean Dell (Brother Mathieu), Alexandre Cross (Costa), Sylvie Audcoeur (Nathalie), Christophe Rouzaud (Pierre), Charles Templon (Gabriel), Sandrine Le Berre (Marie), Luc Palun (Richard), Hervé Jouval (Hervé), Christina Crevillén (Isabelle), Didier Harlmann (Leblanc), Philippe Bardy (Gasselain), ...
  • Plot: Josephine helps the priest Flaubert to restore L'Assomption de Marie, a fresco of the parish of the village. During a singing rehearsal, the statue of the Virgin Mary begins to weep tears of blood. The mayor plans to revitalize the economy of the region thanks to this event.

Episode 26: Enfin des vacances ! ...

  • Director: Henri Helman
  • Writer: Virginie Boda & Nathalie Mars
  • Original Air Date: September 27, 2004
  • Casting: Mimie Mathy (Joséphine Delamarre), Philippe Bas (Denis), Jerry Lucas (Gaspard), Judith El Zein (Carole), Sophie-Charlotte Husson (Béatrice), Michel Scotto di Carlo (Jean-Claude), Jacques Deshayes (Max), Jean-Laurent Faubourg (Martial), Emmanuel Genvrin (Jeancart), Laurence Cournot (Lawyer Bakria), Geneviève Bègue (Sylvie), Rebecca Paul (Mathilde), ...
  • Plot: Josephine helps Gaspard on the island of Reunion to discover her father, and release Carole, Gaspard's mother, accused of embezzlement.

Episode 27: Sauver Princesse

  • Director: Philippe Monnier
  • Writer: Anita Rees & Rémy Tarrier
  • Original Air Date: October 25, 2004
  • Casting: Mimie Mathy (Joséphine Delamarre), Gabrielle Forest (Lucie), Delphine Zentout (Amélie), Niels Dubost (Philippe Van Gossen), Romain Moles (Ludovic), Olivier Pariset (Jules), Christophe Odent (Serge Martens), Olivier Granier (Pierre Moretti), Grégory Délépine (Paul), ...
  • Plot: Josephine comes to the aid of Princess, a mare destined to slaughter in a stud farm, but also to his entourage who has suffered from uneasiness since the death of the son of the owner of this stud farm.

Season 9 (2005)

Episode 28: Robe noire pour un ange

  • Director: David Delrieux
  • Writer: Florence Philipponnat
  • Original Air Date: January 10, 2005
  • Casting: Mimie Mathy (Joséphine Delamarre), Damien Dorsaz (Stéphane Ferret), Charley Fouquet (Marianne Girod), Philippe Laudenbach (Paul-Henri Girod), Jérôme Robart (Guillaume Favre), Alice Agogue (Clara), Martin Jobert (Valentin), Wioletta Michalczuk (Anna Novak), Emmanuel Courcol (Xavier Nevers), Raphaëline Goupilleau (Lawyer Leroi), Virginie Théron (Nelly), Corinne Pastout (Madame Jacquet), Jean-François Pastout (Monsieur Jacquet), Gaëlle Loizic (Sophie), ...
  • Plot: Josephine helps Stéphane Ferré, so that he will return with his children who no longer want to see him because of their grandfather.

Episode 29: Trouvez-moi le prince charmant !

  • Director: Sylvie Ayme
  • Writer: David Lang & Lionel Cherki
  • Original Air Date: February 28, 2005
  • Casting: Mimie Mathy (Joséphine Delamarre), Isabelle Renauld (Isabelle), Pierre Cassignard (Antoine), Jacques Boudet (Malleval), Inbar Meyer (Marion), Philippe du Janerand (Fergus), Céline Samie (Sabine), Karin Swenson (Carole), Renaud Danner (Corbin), Fiona Mauduy (Alice), Mathilde Vitry (Director Osiris), Benoist Gérard (Fred), ...
  • Plot: Josephine helps Marion, a little girl who desperately tries to find a new husband for her mother.

Episode 30: Le Secret de Julien

  • Director: Jean-Marc Seban
  • Writer: Hélène Woillot & Marie-Hélène Saller
  • Original Air Date: August 28, 2005
  • Casting: Mimie Mathy (Joséphine Delamarre), Daniel Russo (Victor), Jérôme Hardelay (Julien), Hélène Vauquois (Catherine), Laura Stainkrycer (Céline), Jean-Philippe Puymartin (Céline's father), Philippe Nahon (Léo), Tristan Petitgirard (Thomas), Charles Monnet (Laurent), Matthieu Toulet-Zurcher (Jean-Charles), Daniel Kramer (Antoine Prat), ...
  • Plot: Josephine helps Julien to show his father that he is not made for studies and that he leaves him free to make his choices.

Episode 31: Noble cause

  • Director: Philippe Monnier
  • Writer: Anita Rees
  • Original Air Date: October 31, 2005
  • Casting: Mimie Mathy (Joséphine Delamarre), Hubert Benhamdine (Axel), Christophe Laubion (Georges), Jean-Marie Winling (Levasseur), Coraly Zahonero (Sophie), Marie Mouté (Juliette), Françoise Bertin (Aunt Albertine), Jean-Paul Bonnaire (Sylvain), Pierre Laplace (Lawyer Deluc), Patricia Davidson (Madame Smith), Edwin Apps (Monsieur Smith), Joséphine de Meaux (The factor), ...
  • Plot: Josephine helps Axel and her family, whose elder brother wants to sell the family property because of an old rancor and unspoken.

Season 10 (2006)

Episode 32: La Couleur de l'amour

  • Director: Laurent Lévy
  • Writer: Florence Philipponnat
  • Original Air Date: February 20, 2006
  • Casting: Mimie Mathy (Joséphine Delamarre), Philippe Caroit (Thomas), Esse Lawson (Aminata), Geneviève Mnich (Claudine), Jean-Roch Pirot (Adrien), Laurent Olmedo (Daniel), Jean-François Gallotte (Gilles), Elodie Frenck (Élodie), Sylvie Le Brigant (The mayor), Nathalie Dorval (Nathalie), Léa Gabriele (Muriel), Gary Assly (Serge), Isaac Kounde (Malick), Charles Ardillon (Francis), Émilie Caen (The doctor), Anthony Dupuis (Kevin), Gunther Jungbluth-Poirier (Pierre), ...
  • Plot: Joséphine helps Thomas to open his eyes to how his mother and friends treat Aminata, the woman he is going to marry.

Episode 33: De toute urgence !

  • Director: Vincent Monnet
  • Writer: Gioacchino Campanella
  • Original Air Date: April 10, 2006
  • Casting: Mimie Mathy (Joséphine Delamarre), Xavier Deluc (Bertrand Gavalda), Catherine Wilkening (Jeanne Poirel), Delphine Sérina (Rebecca Rubin), Eric Poulain (Marc), Thomas de Sambi (Frédéric Gavalda), Marianne Epin (Florence), Grégory Quidel (Henri), Loïc Houdré (Antoine), Carole Franck (Antoine's wife), Nathalie Villeneuve (Valérie), Dodine Herry (Louise), Nathalie Blanc (Marie Luce), Arthur Jacquin (Éric), Nelly Alard (Éric's mother), Linda Bouhenni (Lise), Emmanuelle Galabru (Sophie), Steve Campos (Adrien), Cécile Gabriel (Myriam), Melvin Mebarki (Raphaël), Roshane Goevelinger (Emmanuelle), ...
  • Plot: Josephine helps Bertrand to get him out of the emergencies he chained the guards and manages the service, without knowing how to delegate. She will also show him that his companion Rebecca, does not like the opposite of Jeanne, former friend of fac.

Episode 34: Un passé pour l'avenir

  • Director: Philippe Monnier
  • Writer: Marie-Hélène Saller
  • Original Air Date: May 29, 2006
  • Casting: Mimie Mathy (Joséphine Delamarre), Audrey Dana (Nina Lafon), Anne Jacquemin (Camille Catinel), Annie Grégorio (Martine Teyssier), Bruno Abraham-Kremer (Rémi Teyssier), Jean-Philippe Bèche (Paul Lafon), Rebecca Stella (Charlène Catinel), Jacques Brunet (Bruzard), Nicolas Marié (Xavier Catinel), Christian Sinniger (Bruno Lafon), Jean-Marie Fonbonne (Professor Delbos), Bruno Raffaelli (Renaud), ...
  • Plot: Josephine helps Nina, who has been trying for two years to have a child with her husband Paul unsuccessfully. It is Joséphine who will discover the family secret which is the cause of the psychological blockade of Nina.

Episode 35: Coupée du monde

  • Director: Vincent Monnet
  • Writer: Hélène Woillot
  • Original Air Date: October 9, 2006
  • Casting: Mimie Mathy (Joséphine Delamarre), Hélène Vincent (Geneviève Beaumont), Caroline Maillard (Lise Barnier), Yann Babilée (Lucas), Zoé Duthion (Prune Barnier), Jenny Bellay (Amélie), Dodine Herry (Lorène Bacq), Malcolm Conrath (Martin Barnier), Zazie Delem (Véro), ...
  • Plot: Josephine comes to the aid of Geneviève Beaumont, a homeless person, to get out of it and to have her family come back with her.

Episode 36: Remue-ménage

  • Director: Laurent Lévy
  • Writer: Gilles Vernet
  • Original Air Date: December 4, 2006
  • Casting: Mimie Mathy (Joséphine Delamarre), Macha Méril (Tania Fournier), Arthur Dupont (Maxime), Marion Corrales (Anna), Bernard Bloch (Malot), Dimitri Rataud (Guérin), Abbes Zahmani (Pinel), Pierre Forest (Alexandre Lamark), Nicolas Moreau (François), Mathilde Lebrequier (Nathalie), Guilaine Londez (Madame Pinel), Gérard Renault (Pedro), ...
  • Plot: Joséphine helps Tania Fournier, a former singer. She lives in an old building whose owner wants to expel all the tenants in order to earn more money. And to add to his misfortune, the neighbor of the top is a modern singer who happens to be the son of the owner.

Season 11 (2007)

Episode 37: L'Ange des casernes

  • Director: Luc Goldenberg
  • Writer: Anita Rees
  • Original Air Date: March 5, 2007
  • Casting: Mimie Mathy (Joséphine Delamarre), Katty Loisel (Camille Garnier), Richaud Valls (Muller), François-Régis Marchasson (Tardieu), Thierry Ragueneau (Perez), Stéphane Boucher (Monsieur Garnier), Isabelle Leprince (Madame Garnier), Renaud Cestre (Victor), François Duval (Major Faucheux), Mia Delmaë (Gaëlle), Stana Roumillac (Laëtitia), Julien Covain (Jérôme), Samir Djama (Ahmed), ...
  • Plot: Joséphine is helping Camille, an 18-year-old girl who is EVAT (Engaged Volunteer of the Army) without the knowledge of her parents who think she is in the UK for an internship. She intends to remain in the army, but her superior does everything to dissuade her, even endangering her during the exercises.

Episode 38: Ticket gagnant

  • Director: Pascal Heylbroeck
  • Writer: Emmanuelle Choppin
  • Original Air Date: August 27, 2007
  • Casting: Mimie Mathy (Joséphine Delamarre), Laurent Ournac (Antoine), Dorylia Calmel (Amélie), Jean-Baptiste Martin (Michel), Marie Rousseau (Jeanne), Jean-Yves Chatelais (Loïc), Michel Crémadès (Jean-Jacques), Thomas Cerisola (Arnaud Lessage), Jim Adhi Limas (Monsieur Chang), Sonia Fillaud (Maryse), Valérie Vogt (The banker), ...
  • Plot: Joséphine is helping Antoine, a young factor who has just won 7 million euros in the Lotto. He will soon learn that so much money does not attract only good things.

Episode 39: Profession menteur

  • Director: Sylvie Ayme
  • Writer: Florence Philipponnat
  • Original Air Date: November 5, 2007
  • Casting: Mimie Mathy (Joséphine Delamarre), Bruno Debrandt (Frédéric Duval), Anne Charrier (Estelle Duval), Corentin Daumas (Quentin Duval), Tom Méziane (Thibaut Duval), José Paul (Jean-François), Jacques Pater (Pierre Duval), Sylvie Le Brigant (Annick Duval), Serge Dupuy (Nathan), Noëlla Dussart (Lucie), Lyèce Boukhitine (Alex), Karine Lazard (Valentine Clément), Eric Franquelin (Jacques Meunier), Pierre Poirot (Ducaez), Laurent Cyr (Bernard), Samantha Markowic (Nathalie), Alain Azerot (Dr. Kern), ...
  • Plot: Josephine comes to the aid of Frederic Duval, who apparently does not need his help. But she soon realizes that appearances are deceiving, because Frederic has been unemployed for 8 months but has not touched a word to his wife. Delicate mission than to re-establish the truth.

Season 12 (2008)

Episode 40: Paris-Broadway

  • Director: Patrick Malakian
  • Writer: David Lang & Lionel Cherki
  • Original Air Date: February 18, 2008
  • Casting: Mimie Mathy (Joséphine Delamarre), Claire Pérot (Olympe), Nathalie Blanc (Margot), Franck Jolly (Christopher), Julie Cavanna (Nina), Charles Petit (Xavier), Vincent Martin (Fred), Stéphan Wojtowicz (Henri), Gabrielle Bonacini (Véro), Jérôme Bertin (Max), Catherine Cyler (Marianne), Mark Reed (Peter Crooning), ...
  • Plot: Josephine comes to the aid of Olympe, who goes from casting to casting without ever losing a role so much that she is paralyzed by stage fright. And this time, it is in the musical Paris-Broadway, directed by Christopher Montfort, that it wants to enter. Once again, the trac paralyzes him. However, Josephine is there to give her a second chance to win this role.

Episode 41: Les deux font la paire

  • Director: Laurent Lévy
  • Writer: Marie-Hélène Saller
  • Original Air Date: March 31, 2008
  • Casting: Mimie Mathy (Joséphine Delamarre), Thierry Heckendorn (Matthias), Jérémie Chaplain (Fred Mercier), Jean-Louis Tribes (Kirov), Sonia Vollereaux (Alice), Rebecca Stella (Eva), Frédéric Maranber (Serge), Jean Barat (Yvan), Frédéric Sauzay (Franck), Olivier Granier (Victor Mercier), Marie Lenoir (Madame Mercier), Fabien Lucciarini (Marco), Laurent Besançon (Alex), Juliette Tresanini (Laure), ...
  • Plot: Joséphine helps Fred, a professional poker cheater. But the mission will prove delicate because every thousand years, each angel must be inspected, and it is Joséphine's turn. And the archangel inspector, Mathias, is not the most optimistic.

Episode 42: Le secret des templiers

  • Director: Philippe Monnier
  • Writer: Eric Taraud
  • Original Air Date: April 21, 2008
  • Casting: Mimie Mathy (Joséphine Delamarre), Annabelle Hettmann (Eléonore), Lionel Lingelser (Odon), Jean Dell (Hugues de Bouailles), Laurent Gamelon (The Duke of Arcamboise), Anne Loiret (Anne), Emmanuel Salinger (Guillaume), Laurent Le Doyen (Jacques de Torques), Samuel Cahu (Mathieu), Emmanuel Courcol (Édouard), Lise Payen (Agathe), Marika Soposká (Léa), Petra Spindlerová (Hélène), Neli Becirbasicova (Célestine), ...
  • Plot: Josephine helps Eleanor in the Middle Ages, a young woman who is at the origin of the curse weighing on all her descendants.

Episode 43: Sur les traces de Yen

  • Director: Patrick Malakian
  • Writer: Hélène Woillot
  • Original Air Date: August 25, 2008
  • Casting: Mimie Mathy (Joséphine Delamarre), Cathy Min Jung (Emilie), Alexis Desseaux (Victor), Rajanakorn Yuanar (Manh Tien), Eric Poulain (Peter), Surithong Sakulthaitumrong (Ngo Thu Ha), Acazea Cazamacca (Yen), Frédéric Chau (The receptionist's voice), ...
  • Plot: Josephine is helping a couple who can not have children in Thailand. The day they learn they can adopt a baby, Yen, they discover that their baby has been entrusted to another couple.

Episode 44: Le Festin d'Alain

  • Director: Philippe Monnier
  • Writer: Emmanuelle Choppin
  • Original Air Date: September 29, 2008
  • Casting: Mimie Mathy (Joséphine Delamarre), Jérémie Covillault (Alain Rougier), Elsa Mollien (Marina), Emmanuel Patron (Stéphane), Jean-Pol Brissart (Yves Chatel), Marie Fugain (Valérie), François Raffenaud (Henri), Romann Berrux (Rémi), Philippe Uchan (François), Catherine Sola (Henriette), Stéphane Boutet (René Basile), ...
  • Plot: Joséphine is helping Alain Rougier to restore his taste for cooking and not to take care of derivatives, as well as to reconcile with his sister!

Episode 45: Au feu la famille !

  • Director: Henri Helman
  • Writer: Marie Du Roy & Pierre Monjanel
  • Original Air Date: October 27, 2008
  • Casting: Mimie Mathy (Joséphine Delamarre), Jean-Michel Tinivelli (Michel Vercan), Marina Golovine (Sophie Vercan), Armonie Sanders (Chloé Vercan), Franck Gourlat (Philippe Cazade), Frank Geney (Fabrice Kessir), Philippe Vieux (Doctor Ponti), Mathilde Lebrequier (Cécile François), Charles Gibault (Mathieu), Clément Koch (Eric Pervier), Etienne Doyen (Félix), ...
  • Plot: Josephine comes to help Michel, who has just received an anonymous letter, denouncing that his daughter is not his, but another, because his wife had an adventure just before the wedding.

Season 13 (2009)

Episode 46: Police blues

  • Director: Michel Hassan
  • Writer: Anita Rees
  • Original Air Date: February 9, 2009
  • Casting: Mimie Mathy (Joséphine Delamarre), Yvon Back (Nicolas Vannier), Sophie De La Rochefoucauld (Pauline Vannier), Annick Alane (Madame Heuchel), Ambroise Sabbagh (Julien Vannier), Marie Vincent (Commissioner Carel), Stéphane De Groodt (Commandant Levasseur), Alban Casterman (Hervé), Sandra Valentin (Sophie Guerard), Olivier Gueritée (Cédric Potrat), Janice Khalifa (Lucie), Julien Lucas (Quentin Fischer), Guy Amram (Jean-Pierre), Lucie-Cerise Bouvet (Laura Vannier), Cédric Vieira (Lartigue), ...
  • Plot: Joséphine is helping Nicolas Vannier, a police commander who finds himself in a delicate situation: his son is suspected of having assaulted a policeman and is obliged both to cover him and to protect a ripoux colleague who Is other than the godfather of his son.

Episode 47: Les Braves

  • Director: Jean-Marc Seban
  • Writer: Emmanuelle Chopin
  • Original Air Date: April 6, 2009
  • Casting: Mimie Mathy (Joséphine Delamarre), Kevin Antoine (Michaël), Arnaud Binard (Hadrien), Virginie Desarnauts (Alexandra), Joseph Malerba (Denis), Jacques Fontanel (President Laroche), Franck Lorrain (Franck), Isabelle Spade (Catherine), Benjamin Beauvais (Pierre), Fabien Galthié (Himself), Renaud Bécard (Eric), Yves Michel (Sammy), Daniel Bilong (Yassine), Thomas Didry (Manu), ...
  • Plot: Joséphine is helping Michaël, the rugby club of the MRC, a young person particularly talented for rugby. Unfortunately, he does not do well with the coach and the team. Josephine will try to convince the coach.

Episode 48: Les Majorettes

  • Director: Philippe Monnier
  • Writer: Emmanuelle Choppin
  • Original Air Date: October 5, 2009
  • Casting: Mimie Mathy (Joséphine Delamarre), Sophie Duez (Catherine), Marie Guillard (Chloé), Laurent Hennequin (Marc), Marc Fayet (André), Clara Ponsot (Laura), Patrick Préjean (Giraud), Claire-Lise Lecerf (Magalie), Roby Schinasi (Antonin), Jacques Collard (Henri), Patrick Della Torre (Michel), ...
  • Plot: Joséphine helps the "Sirens" troupe to help their director set up a new show in order to defeat the troop formed by her sister, who has returned to the area to take revenge. This will bring out a painful subject.

Episode 49: Le Frère que je n'ai pas eu

  • Director: Pascal Heylbroeck
  • Writer: Marie Du Roy & Pierre Monjanel
  • Original Air Date: November 2, 2009
  • Casting: Mimie Mathy (Joséphine Delamarre), Bruno Slagmulder (Vincent Delattre), Tewfik Jallab (César), Noémie Kocher (Marlène Delattre), Stéfi Celma (Teresa), Laurent Spielvogel (Doctor Pagesse), Léa Gabriele (Madame Sauvage), Axelle Wassmer (Julie), Joaquina Belaunde (Carolina), Jean-François Pastout (Monsieur Berru), Corinne Pastout (Madame Berru), Anne Cantineau (Madame Quincoix), Clara Le Corre (Emma), Antoine de Prekel (Thomas), Eric Le Roch (Monsieur Garcia), ...
  • Plot: Josephine helps Vincent to help him regain his confidence and that he can operate. His half-brother, of whom he did not know the existence, comes from Brazil to touch his share of inheritance, which challenges the plans of Vincent.

Season 14 (2010)

Episode 50: Joséphine fait de la résistance

  • Director: Jean-Marc Seban
  • Writer: David Lang & Lionel Cherki
  • Original Air Date: February 8, 2010
  • Casting: Mimie Mathy (Joséphine Delamarre), Samuel Theis (Antoine Duroc), Marie Piot (Régina), Patrick Raynal (François Valmont), Juliette Chêne (Jeanne / Virginie), Martin Douaire (Louis Valmont), Mathieu Vervisch (Jacques Duval), Nicolas Bridet (Stadler), Jemima West (Pauline), Fabrice Deville (Guillaume Servier), Jakub Kohl (Friedrich), Ladislav Zupanic (Otto Schenck), Vlasta Zehrová (Madeleine), Květa Fialová (Old Régina), Karel Dobrý (Lieutenant), Féodor Atkine (Otto's voice), Richard Sammel (Berlin Officer), ...
  • Plot: Josephine comes to the aid of Antoine Duroc, aged, who is accused of treason by the son of one of his former resistant friends. Joséphine returns in the second world war, twice, to investigate and discover the true traitor in order to wash the honor of her client, who was a member of a resistance network led by Guillaume Servier.

Episode 51: L'Homme invisible

  • Director: Jean-Marc Seban
  • Writer: Emmanuelle Choppin
  • Original Air Date: April 5, 2010
  • Casting: Mimie Mathy (Joséphine Delamarre), Arthur Jugnot (Yann), Patrick Catalifo (Pierre Schaeffer), Sandy Lobry (Ariane), Patrice Valota (André), Virginie Peignien (Françoise Mercier), François Hatt (Hadrien), Olivier Claverie (Paul Massenet), Nathalie Vincent (Amélie Delage), ...
  • Plot: Josephine is helping Yann, future great researcher, but who must overcome his shyness to express himself and assume his choices. Everyone takes advantage of him, she will also teach him not to let himself be done.

Episode 52: Ennemis jurés

  • Director: Christophe Barbier
  • Writer: Hélène Woillot
  • Original Air Date: May 10, 2010
  • Casting: Mimie Mathy (Joséphine Delamarre), Jean-Luc Reichmann (Antoine Blondel), Jean-Yves Berteloot (Xavier Mareuil), Nelly Alard (Laure Blondel), Capucine Delaby (Julie Blondel), Igor Mendjisky (Gaël Mareuil), Matyas Simon (Paul Blondel), Jean-Pascal Abribat (Gérard), Jean-Pierre Bagot (Victor), Sylvie Lachat (Nadine), Gilles Louzon (Marco), Chloé Dumas (The nurse), ...
  • Plot: Joséphine is helping Antoine Blondel, an organic farmer who is at war with his neighbor who, as a major consumer of plant protection products, is threatening the organic label of Antoine's farm. Josephine will discover that it is not just a story of fields.

Episode 53: Marie-Antoinette

  • Director: Philippe Monnier
  • Writer: Nelly Alard
  • Original Air Date: September 20, 2010
  • Casting: Mimie Mathy (Joséphine Delamarre), Liane Foly (Laura Calle), Michel Voïta (Gandolfi), François Berland (Paul Kermeur), Jean-Claude Adelin (Hadrien Letourneur), Manuel Gélin (Jean Bailly), Léa Durand (Amélie), Clément Koch (Max Leblanc), Jeanne Savary (Catherine Letourneur), Héléna Soubeyrand (Marquise de Polignac), Pierre Deladonchamps (Chevalier de Montaigu), Olivier Meurville (William), Eric Franquelin (Dr. Lachaume), Thimothé Molinié (Arthur), ...
  • Plot: Josephine helps the actress Laura Calle, who hides the existence of her daughter Amelie for fourteen years. When her daughter was sent back from her boarding school in Switzerland after a runaway, Laura was convinced by Josephine to bring her daughter back to Paris, where she shot a film in which she interpreted Marie Antoinette. The girl suffers from not knowing her father, for Laura has always hidden him from her, and is not ready to tell her the truth.

Episode 54: Chasse aux fantômes

  • Director: Jean-Marc Seban
  • Writer: David Lang & Lionel Cherki
  • Original Air Date: October 25, 2010
  • Casting: Mimie Mathy (Joséphine Delamarre), Cécilia Cara (Rebecca), Alexandra Vandernoot (Sharon), Fabrice de la Villehervé (Hadley), Benjamin Guyot (Ben Lennox), Frédéric Pellegeay (Duncan), Céline Vitcoq (Abigail), Romain Deroo (Scott), Philippe Magnan (Fergus), Martin Davídek (Wallace / Bruce), Pierre Peyrichout (Rollins), Jirí Vacek (Arthur MacAlistair), ...
  • Plot: Josephine helps Rebecca, the rich heiress, from MacAlistair Castle in Scotland. Its mission: to protect, to protect it. Her entourage thinks that the girl is unstable and that internment is the best solution. Indeed, Rebecca says she sees the ghost of her deceased father.

Season 15 (2011)

Episode 55: Un bébé tombé du ciel

  • Director: Pascal Heylbroeck
  • Writer: Marie Du Roy & Pierre Monjanel
  • Original Air Date: February 21, 2011
  • Casting: Mimie Mathy (Joséphine Delamarre), Victoria Grosbois (Charlotte), Elisa Servier (Corinne Durieu), Sophie Mounicot (The social worker), Julien Floreancig (Jérémy), Marianne Epin (Christiane), Michèle Garcia (Madame Grégorio), Élodie Fontan (Alexandra), Luc Battiston (Loïc), Samuel Cahu (Laurent), Jennifer Bokobza (Sandrine), ...
  • Plot: Joséphine helps Charlotte, a 19-year-old, a mother overwhelmed by a baby named Amandine, whom she raises alone while working and continuing her studies. His daughter's custody may be withdrawn because she took him to the spa where she works and left her alone in the boiler room. In addition, the Spa Manager wants to fire her for that reason. But Charlotte's lies do not help Joséphine to discover all the truths of this problem.

Episode 56: Tout pour la musique

  • Director: Jean-Marc Seban
  • Writer: David Lang & Lionel Cherki
  • Original Air Date: April 11, 2011
  • Casting: Mimie Mathy (Joséphine Delamarre), Frédéric van den Driessche (Serge Chopart), Alice Isaaz (Juliette Verdon), Valérie Sibilia (Carole Delambre), Hélène Degy (Léonie), Fabrice Michel (Alain Delambre), Edgar Givry (Pierre Ruthman), Martin Barlan (Matéo), Candice Charles (Chloé Delambre), Cesare Capitani (Matéo's father), Serge Requet-Barville (Franck), Morgane Kerhousse (Sandra), Karin Swenson (Annabelle), Alain Azerot (Jean-Michel), ...
  • Plot: Joséphine helps Juliette, a young teenager who, at 15 years, is already a virtuoso violinist. Juliette inherited the talent of her father, who died when he became a renowned concertist. She would have everything to be happy, but she is confronted with the hostility of her fellow musicians, while her parents, mother and father-in-law find it difficult to really understand. Joséphine will become a violinist to try to unravel the situation.

Episode 57: Un petit coin de paradis

  • Director: Pascal Heylbroeck
  • Writer: Emmanuelle Choppin
  • Original Air Date: August 29, 2011
  • Casting: Mimie Mathy (Joséphine Delamarre), Clara Huet (Sophie), Sébastien Knafo (Eric), Marwan Berreni (Mehdi), Alain Bouzigues (JP), Chany Sabaty (Florence), Marianne Anska (Caro), Cécile Caillaud (Suzanne), Alain Ganas (Edouard Latour), Segio Di Falco (Bijounet), Olivier Ducher (Laurent Giraud), Anne Tachet (Catherine Giraud), Mohamed Yazidi (Samir), Tristan Duduyer (Loïc), Serge Alexandre Kozel (Ben), Fatima Zahra Mehalleg (Barbara), Leia Tachet (Leia Giraud), Alexi Tachet (Alexi Giraud), ...
  • Plot: Josephine helps Sophie. She is a young athlete of high level who begins her new profession of animator in the Marmara Club, superb holiday club located in Morocco. Everything is paradisiacal ... Except Eric, who runs the club with an iron hand and who accepts badly to be imposed this new employee by the Parisian management. He is determined to try everything to make Sophie crack.

Episode 58: Liouba

  • Director: Philippe Monnier
  • Writer: Emmanuelle Choppin
  • Original Air Date: October 31, 2011
  • Casting: Mimie Mathy (Joséphine Delamarre), Lara Menini (Anna Dialossuva), Anne-Charlotte Pontabry (Claire Pasquier), Alexandre Varga (Laurent Pasquier), Jean-Baptiste Martin (Hadrien Duval), Mélanie Maudran (Mathilde), Ophélie Bazillou (Charlotte), Laura Préjean (The intern), Sébastien Courivaud (Marc Leclerc), Alain Bauguil (Colonel Legris), ...
  • Plot: Joséphine is helping a young Russian woman named Anna who decides to be a surrogate mother for a young couple, whose wife can not have children. But what Joséphine dreads, from the moment of the birth of the little one, will unfortunately happen. At the birth of Liouba, the first name that Anna gave to her protégée, she escapes with the baby, without money and without a home. Joséphine will try to have Anna take care of the child but the couple, who declares Liouba as their own daughter, will do everything to get her back.

Season 16 (2012)

Episode 59: Suivez le guide

  • Director: Pascal Heylbroeck
  • Writer: Marie Luce David & Ivan Piettre
  • Original Air Date: February 13, 2012
  • Casting: Mimie Mathy (Joséphine Delamarre), Martin Lamotte (François), Didier Brice (Monsieur Gérard), Lucie Jeanne (Fabricia), Solène Bouton (Marion), Franck Borde (Laurent), Rebecca Miquel (Séverine), Nicolas Guillot (Pascal), Cécilia Hornus (Sylvie), Bertrand Farge (Guy), Loïc Mobihan (Clément), Jérôme Marc (Alexandre), Gwenaëlle Simon (Isabelle), Blanche Ravalec (Michelle), ...
  • Plot: Josephine is helping four Parisian tourists. She finds herself in the shoes of a tourist guide, who gives appointments to groups of visitors at the top of the Eiffel Tower and then accompanies them in their discovery of Paris. The guardian angel discovers in amazement that, this time, his mission will concern no less than four people. It must, in effect, corn a small group of provincials in the capital. First problem: his mission will last four days. Second problem: one of his clients does not seem to be at the rendezvous on the Eiffel Tower and no one knows where it is. From Notre-Dame Cathedral to the Champs-Elysées, through the Grand Hotel, Joséphine has to identify and solve the problems of these four tourists ...

Episode 60: Une prof

  • Director: Patrick Volson
  • Writer: Emmanuelle Choppin
  • Original Air Date: April 9, 2012
  • Casting: Mimie Mathy (Joséphine Delamarre), Jean-François Dérec (The director), Dounia Coesens (Fanny), Kamel Belghazi (Philippe), Daniel Cohen-Seat (Alex), Lisa Martino (Isabelle), Océane Loison (Lucie), Thomas Bénéteau (Greg), Manon Chevallier (Pauline), Hugo de Donno (Augustin), Elisa Noyez (Elisa), Gérard Dessalles (Henri), ...
  • Plot: Joséphine is helping Fanny, a young professor of modern literature who begins her career, and who has a 3rd class difficult to manage. The troubles begin with Lucie, a student who suffers from seeing Alex, the boy she is in love with, ignore. One day, the girl complains to her mother, the delegate of the parents, to tell her that Fanny physically assaulted her.

Episode 61: Un monde de douceur

  • Director: Pascal Heylbroeck
  • Writer: Marie-Hélène Saller & Ivan Piettre
  • Original Air Date: August 27, 2012
  • Casting: Mimie Mathy (Joséphine Delamarre), Hubert Benhamdine (Gilles), Thierry Heckendorn (Roger Marsac), Marion Trémontels (Jeanne), Valérie Vogt (Dominique), Élisabeth Commelin (Clara Marsac), Marilyne Fontaine (Marion), Linda Hardy (Aurélia Sternin), Ninon Jaegle (Léa), Brigitte Aubry (Marie-Jo), Pascal Vannson (Jean-Mi), Marc Saez (Louis), ...
  • Plot: Josephine helps Gilles, who never dared to confess to his parents that he had abandoned his studies of commerce to follow his vocation as a photographer in Paris and that he did not want to take over the family business.

Episode 62: Yasmina

  • Director: Sylvie Ayme
  • Writer: David Lang & Lionel Cherki
  • Original Air Date: October 1, 2012
  • Casting: Mimie Mathy (Joséphine Delamarre), Valérie Kaprisky (Hélène Weller), Nailia Harzoune (Yasmina Bouazid), Guillaume Delorme (Guillaume Devigny), Rémi Bichet (Emmanuel Mortier), Clémence Bretécher (Justine Villeroy), Smaïl Mekki (Azzedine Bouazid), Arno Diem (Michaël), Akéla Sari (Sofia Bouazid), Adam Bessa (Bilal Bouazid), Shane Woodward (John Taylor), Santha Leng (Monsieur Lin), Véronique Ataly (Nadine), Serge Bonnin (Pierre-André), ...
  • Plot: Joséphine is helping young Yasmina at "Privela", a huge multinational, to sponsor her candidacy. A young Maghrebian who grew up in the suburbs of Paris, she does not quite have the profile of the managers usually recruited by this world leader in perfumery and beauty products. Yasmina prefers to lie about her origins, inventing a father who worked in import-export and a childhood in the shadow of the Champs-Élysées. Josephine encourages him, however, to tell the truth. She is afraid that her future employers will discover ... What our guardian angel ignores is that it is not the last of his client's lies. With Yasmina, Joséphine will go from surprises to surprises.

Season 17 (2013)

Episode 63: Le Cirque Borelli

  • Director: Jean-Marc Seban
  • Writer: David Lang & Lionel Cherki
  • Original Air Date: February 25, 2013
  • Casting: Mimie Mathy (Joséphine Delamarre), Bertrand Degrémont (Jules), Pauline Deshons (Manon), Gabrielle Atger (Jennifer), Olivier Till (Mario), Erick Deshors (Charlie), Héloïse Adam (Elsa), Jean-Jérôme Esposito (Igor), Bruno Magne (Luigi), Jiri Necasek (Mathis), Alban Casterman (Damien), Michal Boltnar (Alex), Jan Pokorny (Carlo), Drsek Jednok (Faller), ...
  • Plot: Josephine helps Jules, young director of the circus Borelli, traumatized by the death of his father, trapezist like him. Since then, Jules has been apprehensive about going back to trapeze, his profession and his passion. During this delicate mission, Joséphine will also try to unravel a stormy affair since the circus is the victim of multiple accidents. What happens at the Borelli Circus?

Episode 64: En roue libre

  • Director: Philippe Proteau
  • Writer: Florence Philipponnat
  • Original Air Date: April 22, 2013
  • Casting: Mimie Mathy (Joséphine Delamarre), Philippe Caroit (Christophe Giovanni), Carole Richert (Rose), Malcolm Conrath (Xavier Malescot), Laurie Dupont (Paola Giovanni), Tiphaine Daviot (Cynthia), Marie-France Mignal (Ariane Giovanni), Stanislas Forlani (Loïc), Cédric Bouvier (Ivan), Vincent Solignac (Pierre Dumont), Karin Swenson (Elodie), Émilie Caen (Caroline Meunier), Manon Giraud-Balasuriya (Iris Meunier), Pierre Acansa (Mathieu Grimbert), Laurent Besançon (Luc Vncent), Francis Rignault (Monsieur Moreau), Guillaume Campanacci (Bertrand), ...
  • Plot: Joséphine helps Christophe Giovanni, who found himself in a wheelchair following a road accident. Since then, he spends his life doing nothing, and stays at home, under the eyes of his daughter, Paola, who can no longer bear to see him sink every day a little more. Paola decides to call in a personal assistant for her father, and sees in Joséphine the ideal candidate. During this time, Christophe will have the opportunity to resume his former craft, that of interior designer. But Joséphine's task proved difficult: Christophe did not want to make any effort. Josephine has a mission: to convince him that even if he is paralyzed for life, he has before him beautiful days to live and a family that loves him.

Episode 65: Pour la vie

  • Director: Pascal Heylbroeck
  • Writer: Marie-Luce David & Ivan Piettre
  • Original Air Date: June 3, 2013
  • Casting: Mimie Mathy (Joséphine Delamarre), Romane Portail (Camille), Emilie Hantz (Elisa), Nicolas Berger-Vachon (Hugo), Sylvia Bergé (Olivia), Isabelle Spade (Linette), Jean-Marie Galey (Germain), Jean-Yves Chatelais (Roger), Nicolas Carpentier (Gaspard), Olivier Pagès (Quentin), Véronique Baylaucq (The mayor), ...
  • Plot: Joséphine helps Camille, a photographer hired to take pictures of a wedding. During the ceremony, Camille realizes that the groom is none other than his ex-fiancé ...

Episode 66: De père en fille

  • Director: Jean-Marc Seban
  • Writer: Marie Du Roy
  • Original Air Date: September 30, 2013
  • Casting: Mimie Mathy (Joséphine Delamarre), Christian Rauth (Victor), Julie-Anne Roth (Elena), Élizabeth Bourgine (Jeanne), Renaud Leymans (Bastien), Pierre Deny (François), Nicolas Moreau (Georges Lannier), Eric Herson-Macarel (Dujardin), Philippe Beautier (Jacquelin), Anton Yakovlev (Smilenkoff), ...
  • Plot: Joséphine is helping Victor, a former professional swindler, to reconcile with his daughter, whom he has not seen in fifteen years. But the latter does not believe in this redemption and sees this reconciliation with an evil eye.

Episode 67: Les Anges

  • Director: Pascal Heylbroeck
  • Writer: Marie-Luce David & Ivan Piettre
  • Original Air Date: October 21, 2013
  • Casting: Mimie Mathy (Joséphine Delamarre), Lorie Pester (Claire), Robert Plagnol (Alex), Victor Quilichini (Simon), Sébastien Dupuis (Marco), Ariane Pirie (Rose), Christophe Laubion (Laurent), Serge Ridoux (Monsieur Henri), Camille Verschuere (Vanessa), Guy Amram (Franck), Nathalie Besançon (Florence), Titouan Laporte (Ben), Lucas Renault (Enzo), Charles Schneider (Maximilien), Gigi Ledron (Johanna), ...
  • Plot: Joséphine is helping Simon, a young astronautic-loving boy, who lost his father before the latter was able to fulfill his ultimate promise: to take him to a shuttle take-off at the Kourou Space Center in French Guiana, Where he was born. Claire, her mother, would wholeheartedly want to realize this dream, but she has just lost her job ... In order to raise the money needed for the trip, an alternative solution is offered to the former singer Claire: participate in a choir competition to be held soon. Joséphine must help Claire regain confidence in her so that she and her choir have a chance to win the €10,000 prize.

Season 18 (2014)

Episode 68: Restons zen

  • Director: Jean-Marc Seban
  • Writer: David Lang & Lionel Cherki
  • Original Air Date: February 17, 2014
  • Casting: Mimie Mathy (Joséphine Delamarre), Daphné Hacquard (Jeera), Caroline Guerin (Romane), Cyrille Swierkosz (Bastien), Matteo Capelli (Louis Mercier), Jean-Pierre Bouvier (Richepin), Maythavee Weiss (Yindee), Sarawut Rummayan (Boon-mee), Isabelle Noérie (Clara Miltone), ...
  • Plot: Josephine helps Bastien. Parachuted at Europ Assistance, Joséphine discovers that she must go immediately to Thailand to have Louis Mercier, a doctor wrongly suspected of drug trafficking, released. It is only there that she learns that she is assigned a second client: Romane, a young woman who has fled to Thailand in order to free herself from the incessant control of her father. But where does Romane hide? While trying to help her two clients, Joséphine discovers she has a third: Boon-mee, the 7-year-old son of her Thai guide and performer, who has to undergo an emergency operation if he wants Survive ... Will she find a doctor able to perform this complex and delicate operation?

Episode 69: Tango

  • Director: Philippe Proteau
  • Writer: Emmanuelle Choppin
  • Original Air Date: February 24, 2014
  • Casting: Mimie Mathy (Joséphine Delamarre), Natalia Dontcheva (Maria-Sol), Michel Scotto di Carlo (Carlos), Thibaut Thezan (Diego), Jean-Baptiste Marcenac (François), Patrick Bonnel (Bernard), Jean-Claude Caron (Ernesto), Camille Starr (Aurore), Benjamin Garnier (Alejandro), Charlotte Adrien (Roxane), Laura Préjean (Claire), Bruno Garcia (Stanislas), Aline Nolasco (Daniella), ...
  • Plot: Joséphine is helping Maria-Sol Jimenes a teacher of Tango with an immense talent that lies to his 17-year-old son about his origins.

Episode 70: Double foyer

  • Director: Pascal Heylbroeck
  • Writer: Florence Philipponnat
  • Original Air Date: March 10, 2014
  • Casting: Mimie Mathy (Joséphine Delamarre), Delphine Rollin (Julie), Laurent Olmedo (Franck), Constance de Grandcourt (Zoé), Isaure De Grandcourt (Lola), Alexandre Thibault (Simon), Géraldine Adams (Camille), Patrick Préjean (Gilles), Nathalie Bleynie (Chantal), Louise Pasteau (Mélanie), Jean-Christophe Lebert (Doctor Letellier), Sylvie Huguel (Madame Brizet), Silvie Laguna (Madame Leroux), Alain Buron (Monsieur Leroux), ...
  • Plot: Josephine helps Julie, who seems to be in conflict with her husband, Franck.

Episode 71: Double foyer

  • Director: Jean-Marc Seban
  • Writer: David Lang & Lionel Cherki
  • Original Air Date: October 27, 2014
  • Casting: Mimie Mathy (Joséphine Delamarre), Gaëla Le Devehat (Louise), Stéphane Metzger (Mathis), Aurélie Vaneck (Aurélie), Olivier Ythier (Yann), Stylane Lecaille (Hugo), Marie-Christine Adam (Sylvie), François-Éric Gendron (Cassel), Alicia Irane Rault (Néféret), Guy Amram (Ramses V), Mehdi Fettah (Sobek), ...
  • Plot: Josephine helps Louise, a talented young Egyptologist who begins studying the Neferet mummy. The discovery of the cobra nesting in its sarcophagus suggests that this mummy is evil. In addition, many mysterious events accompany the research. Josephine wonders if she is there to help Louise protect herself from a supernatural creature, and receives the support of Mathis, the archaeologist who discovered this mummy, and who fell under the spell of Louise. Joséphine will have to arm herself with patience to convince Louise not to lock herself in the work and to open herself to the love that Mathis proposes to her.

Episode 72: Les Boloss

  • Director: Philippe Proteau
  • Writer: Manon Dillys & Sébastien Le Délézir
  • Original Air Date: November 3, 2014
  • Casting: Mimie Mathy (Joséphine Delamarre), Coline Beal (Jeanne Lambert), Delphine McCarty (Charlotte Lambert), Eric Savin (Christophe Lambert), Rayane Bensetti (Tony), Guillaume Denaiffe (Samuel), Thierry Samitier (Monsieur Tranchon), Arthur Choisnet (Yann Wachowski), Victor Meutelet (Mathieu), Lyna Khoudri (Vanessa Grangier), Mathilde Auneveux (Amélie), ...
  • Plot: Joséphine is helping Jeanne, a schoolgirl who has recently failed in school. Watching in a junior high school, Josephine must understand what is going on in Jeanne's life. Jeanne is harassed by her classmates, Joséphine is going to help the girl reintegrate into her college.

Season 19 (2015)

Episode 73: Légendes d'Armor

  • Director: Christophe Barbier
  • Writer: Marie Lefebvre & Thomas Perrier
  • Original Air Date: February 2, 2015
  • Casting: Mimie Mathy (Joséphine Delamarre), Marie Bunel (Marie Lozach), Eric Boucher (Bertrand Lozach), Fabio Zenoni (Hugues), Mathilde Lebrequier (Nolwen), Serge Faliu (Yann Le Bihan), Paola Valentin (Morgane Lozach), Quentin Santarelli (Loïc Le Bihan), Fanny Bihan (Elodie), Philippe Pezant (Guirec), ...
  • Plot: Josephine helps the Lozach family, restaurateurs whose daughter, Morgane, has disappeared for several days in Brittany, in Ploumenech. At a market on the port, the boat of the Lozach arises empty, which spreads disturbing rumors of curse throughout the village. Josephine discovers that Marie and Bertrand Lozach have already lost a daughter, Elodie, 5 years earlier, during a race at sea. She will have to manage this affair by having its powers disturbed.

Episode 74: Tous au zoo

  • Director: Stéphane Kopecky
  • Writer: Marie-Luce David & Ivan Piettre
  • Original Air Date: February 9, 2015
  • Casting: Mimie Mathy (Joséphine Delamarre), Chloé Lambert (Clara Lorenz), Titoff (Alex), Nicky Marbot (Régis), Grant Lawrens (Lucas Bazzechi), Lévanah Solomon (Marilou Bazzechi), Lisa Cipriani (Rose), Marie-Hélène Lentini (The Inspector), Charles Clément (Vincent Bazzechi), Lisa-Marie Dupont (Juliette), ...
  • Plot: Josephine is helping Clara Lorenz, a single mother who decided to settle temporarily with her two children in the ancestral zoo of her father, who died a few months ago. Clara has to face both the collapse of the zoo, the teenage crisis of her son and the bad memories of her childhood that beset her everywhere. Moreover, during his mission, Joséphine will have to accommodate Spartacus, a new client a little particular.

Episode 75: Papa est un chippendale

  • Director: Pascal Heylbroeck
  • Writer: Alice Chegaray-Breugnot & Pascale Méméry
  • Original Air Date: October 12, 2015
  • Casting: Mimie Mathy (Joséphine Delamarre), Jules Dousset (Thomas Lambert), Titouan Bouzard (Max Lambert), Emilie Piponnier (Sandrine), Stéphanie Pasterkamp (Elsa), Jessica Borio (Jenny), Jean-Marc Généreux (Sacha), Catherine Benguigui (Cathy Rousseau), Romain Duquesne (Julien), Mullor Abé (Sami), Christophe Mendiela (Miguel), Stefan Godin (Legendre), Leslie Coudray (Laurence), ...
  • Plot: Joséphine is helping Tom, a daddy who raises his 8-year-old son alone, Max, who suffers from dyslexia. He practices chippendale at Lipstick, a trendy nightclub, but does not assume his job. He makes his loved ones believe he is a firefighter. Having become a choreographer at the Lipstick, Joséphine will have to help Tom to assume himself as he is in the eyes of all and all. She will also have to open her eyes to the sentimental life that he forbids himself.

Episode 76: Belle mère, belle fille

  • Director: Jean-Marc Seban
  • Writer: Guila Braoudé & Vincent Robert
  • Original Air Date: November 2, 2015
  • Casting: Mimie Mathy (Joséphine Delamarre), Aurore Delplace (Aurore Vignault), Jean-Pierre Michael (Antoine Legendre), Éva Darlan (Jacqueline Legendre), Smadi Wolfman (Kristen Halley), Floriane Mazau-Sauton (Manon Legendre), Milo Mazé (Hugo Legendre), Alexandra Ansidei (Lulu), Jessy Ugolin (Claire), Audrey Sarrat (Juliette), Valérie Flan (Corinne), Mathis Nour (Quentin Richoux), ...
  • Plot: Josephine helps a dance-ballet teacher who encounters many difficulties with the young girl and the mother of the chosen one of her heart, as she prepares to settle down for good with him.

Episode 77: Dans la tête d'Antoine

  • Director: Stephan Kopecky
  • Writer: Eric Eider & Ivan Piettre
  • Original Air Date: December 14, 2015
  • Casting: Mimie Mathy (Joséphine Delamarre), Gil Alma (Antoine Bailly), Vanessa Valence (Carole Bailly), Charlie Joirkin (Chloé Bailly), Mermoz Melchior (Gaspard Bailly), Ludivine Manca (Salomé), Diane Robert (Doctor Thomas), Maxime Flourac (Dylan), Yanis Abdelli (Jérôme), Tom Hudson (Rémy), José Heuzé (Enzo), ...
  • Plot: Joséphine helps Antoine, who plunges in apnea during a training session. But Antoine is the victim of an accident. It rises unconscious to the surface. He was immediately taken in charge and taken to the hospital. Joséphine sees the firemen arrive and she learns that he has sank into a coma. She then understands her mission: to help her family cope with this ordeal. She must also discover why Antoine does not wake up. The father seems to be stuck in his coma, although his condition is stabilized. This forces Josephine to slam her fingers and appear in her head.

Season 20 (2016)

Episode 78: Carpe Diem

  • Director: Emmanuel Rigaut
  • Writer: France Corbet & Maïa Muller
  • Original Air Date: January 4, 2016
  • Casting: Mimie Mathy (Joséphine Delamarre), Alexandre Brasseur (François Spontini), Sara Mortensen (Amélie Spontini), Serge Gisquière (Jérôme Paluel), Flavie Péan (Eve), Sacha Toledano (Ivan Spontini), Jeanne-Marie Ducarre (Clarisse), Laurence Breheret (Valérie Lebon), Anna Gaylor (Madame Leprince), Catherine Lefroid (Isabelle), ...
  • Plot: Joséphine helps Francois Spontini, owner of a hairdressing salon. Fragile by the death of his father, and facing financial problems, François seems to have lost the taste for life and thinks he has missed the chance of his life, namely directing, an online sales site Reputedly, with his best friend Jerome. He gradually moved away from his wife Amelia and her son Ivan, who no longer knew how to help her. In order to make him understand that he is already leading the life he has always dreamed of, Josephine is experimenting with a completely new method: she forwards François in a parallel dimension, in which he is at the head of Atlante with Jerome and married to a seductive lawyer . But appearances are often misleading and this dream life is not as idyllic as it looks ...

Episode 79: Je ne vous oublierai jamais

  • Director: Stéphane Kopecky
  • Writer: Emmanuel Patron, Armelle Patron, Eric Eider & Ivan Piettre
  • Original Air Date: April 25, 2016
  • Casting: Mimie Mathy (Joséphine Delamarre), Emma Colberti (Anne Maleval), Alain Doutey (Gaston Maleval), Fabrice Deville (Cyril), Franck Monsigny (Paul Maleval), Eythan Solomon (Mathis), Jean-Marie Lhomme (Kevin), ...
  • Plot: Josephine helps Anne Maleval. It then appears in the Middle Ages. Finally, everything seems to suggest ... Her costume, the knight armed with a club that threatens her, until she hears the ringing of her cell phone. It is actually in the middle of the medieval spectacle of Provins. Joséphine immediately notices that she is very stressed especially when it comes to Gaston, her father. She did not hesitate to sacrifice all her life to take care of her father. Josephine questions the meaning of this devotion. Anne actually seems to be trying to forgive herself for something. But of what ? Joséphine is all the more overwhelmed because she has a second client in the person of Mathis, a kid who lives in the house next to Gaston's. He was very much in sympathy with him. Mathis did not speak for six months. It is not a medical or psychological problem ... His father is totally at a loss and does not know what to do.

Episode 80: Le secret de Gabrielle

  • Director: Stéphane Kopecky
  • Writer: France Corbet & Maïa Muller
  • Original Air Date: August 23, 2016
  • Casting: Mimie Mathy (Joséphine Delamarre), Brigitte Fossey (Gabrielle Chamant), Christelle Reboul (Mademoiselle Girard), Hélène Church (Young Gabrielle), Mathilde Hancisse (Nadine Beauchamps), Marie Berto (Madeleine), Camille Aguilar (Hélène Verdier), Emilie Blon-Metzinger (Mademoiselle Sanson), Madeleine Pougatch (Françoise), Jean-Baptiste Martin (Father Tardivel), Anne Cart (Gabrielle's mother), Philypa Phoenix (Madame Saldès), ...
  • Plot: Joséphine is helping Gabrielle Chamant. When Joséphine arrives, Gabrielle is shocked: she has just learned that the child she gave birth when she was 16 is alive and well, contrary to what was announced to her. Josephine has only one solution to solve this mystery: to return in 1962, in the boarding school of young girls of Gabrielle. Josephine finds herself plunged among the young girls of the sixties, between their dreams of free women and their rising loves.

Episode 81: Enfants, mode d'emploi

  • Director: Denis Thybaud
  • Writer: Cécile Leclere & Cécile Lugiez
  • Original Air Date: October 26, 2016
  • Casting: Mimie Mathy (Joséphine Delamarre), Émilie Caen (Zoé), Arielle Sémenoff (Cathy), Natacha Krief (Pauline), Stella Trotonda (Fleur), Catalina Denis (Jessica), David Baïot (Stan), Yanig Samot (Gilles), Guillaume Faure (Benjamin), Serena de Mouroux (Emilie), ...
  • Plot: Josephine helps Zoe get an unexpected promotion: organize the wedding of Stan, a star of the song. But the young bachelor suddenly "inherits" two children: Pauline, 15, and Fleur, 9, the orphans of her elder sister who died with her husband in a car accident. A rock and roll mission for Joséphine. Between the whims of a star and the conflicts of Pauline during adolescence, she must help her client to reveal herself, assuming her new responsibilities, professional and family.

Season 21 (2017)

Episode 82: Sur le cœur

  • Director: Stéphane Kopecky
  • Writer: Sylvie Audcoeur, Mirabelle Kirkland, Manon Dillys & Sébastien Le Délézir
  • Original Air Date: April 3, 2017
  • Casting: Mimie Mathy (Joséphine Delamarre), Ingrid Chauvin (Charline), Arnaud Gidoin (Marc), Cosima Bevernaege (Justine), Juliette Pi (Roxane), Tristan Robin (Tony), Omar Mebrouk (Frédéric Maille), ...
  • Plot: Josephine helps Charline, a mother, a lawyer who is used to handling everything. If only to palliate the actions of her husband Marc fervent defender of animals, and the epidermal behavior of their two teenagers, Roxane and Justine. But everything wavers when she learns that she has breast cancer ... Failing to cope with this news, Charline decides to hide it from her family.

Episode 83: La parenthèse enchantée

  • Director: Philippe Proteau
  • Writer: Stéphanie Tchou Cotta, Ivan Piettre, Éric Eider & Sylvie Coquart
  • Original Air Date: April 10, 2017
  • Casting: Mimie Mathy (Joséphine Delamarre), Camille Claris (Sandra), Yoann Denaive (Olivier), Nicole Gueden (Clémence), Élina Solomon (Zoé), Marie Piton (Madame Rabier), Denis Maréchal (Philippe), ...
  • Plot: Joséphine helps Sandra, a young single mother, whom she surprises at night in the huge toy store where she works. Seeking to preserve her daughter Zoé, 6, since she lost her dwelling, she made him believe that it was their new home ... Joséphine discovers that the young woman conceals her illiteracy. Helped by Olivier, the eternal student who does not want to settle down and Clemence, an old nostalgic lady of her old house, Joséphine will help Sandra to get out of this bad pass.

Episode 84: T'es ki toi ?

  • Director: Thierry Petit
  • Writer: Guila Braoudé & Vincent Robert
  • Original Air Date: August 29, 2017
  • Casting: Mimie Mathy (Joséphine Delamarre), Axelle Dodier (Mélanie Chamanier), Sophie Duez (Anne Chamanier), Franck Adrien (Patrice Chamanier), Clémence Thioly (Julie Destrade), Oscar Lesage (Anthony Destrade), François-Dominique Blin (Sébastien Baccarelli), Jules Fabre (Enzo), Isalinde Giovangigli (Madame Duprey), …
  • Plot: Melanie, a dyslexic teenager, goes through a sorrow of love and struggles to keep up with the rhythm in school. An unexpected news comes to add to the list of her grievances: she is an adopted child. All his landmarks collapse suddenly and his life tilts. Stepped up by Joséphine, Mélanie decides to ask the social services for the name of her biological mother. This decisive encounter upsets her: her mother, who resembles her like two drops of water, also suffers from dyslexia. With methods other than those practiced by ortophonists, this stranger then tries to teach her to accept, then to overcome her handicap ...

Episode 85: La femme aux gardénias

  • Director: Stéphane Kopecky
  • Writer: France Corbet, Maïa Muller & Gioacchino Campanella
  • Original Air Date: October 16, 2017
  • Casting: Mimie Mathy (Joséphine Delamarre), Juliet Lemonnier (Garance), Fabian Wolfrom (Henri), Isabelle Renauld (Odette), Jean Dell (Auguste), Martin Barlan (Octave), Samuel Mercer (Hippolyte), Madeleine Pougatch (Albertine), Jean-Michel Lahmi (Général Dubosque), Christiane Bopp (Berthe), Deivy Fernandes (Désiré), Ambre Pietri (Camille), Sandrine Salyères (Lena), ...
  • Plot : Josephine helps Garance Martin, a centenary who has just died ... A first for our angel who met during the small ceremony Camille the great-granddaughter of Garance. But it is not the surprise of Josephine and Camille when they discover that Garance, who was a maid at Cabrières Castle in the 1920s, was suspected of the murder of Henri de Fonvielle, a genius of painting killed during a hunting party. For Camille, it's simply impossible: Garance can not be a murderer! Josephine, has only one solution to discover what happened at the field of Cabrières: return in 1926.

Episode 86: Le mystère des pierres qui chantent

  • Director: Thierry Petit
  • Writer: Gaëlle Baron, Aude Marcle & Julie Sellier
  • Original Air Date: October 23, 2017
  • Casting: Mimie Mathy (Joséphine Delamarre), Gary Mihaileanu (Gabriel), Alexia Fourmond (Chanelle), Grégoire Champion (Léonard), Romane Lucas (Louison), Justine Cerati (Chloé), Marine Duhamel (Camille), Bruni Mackaya (Maxime), Esteban Vialle (Ben), Caroline Bourg (Clothilde), ...
  • Plot : Joséphine helps Gabriel, an angel trainee, in the middle of a summer camp of a new kind: the young teenagers present in this summer camp will have to be disconnected the time of their holidays. Laptops, computers and other connected tools will give way to real, natural relationships. Josephine, meanwhile, will struggle to carry out her missions with Gabriel, his trainee. Indeed, the young man, a big fan of love stories, thinks he is Cupid and uses his magic in his own way ... very special! Unlike Josephine who tends to think before acting, he acts before thinking. Two very different characters that promise comical and perilous situations.


Episode Date Ratings
(in millions)
Percentage Rank
December 15, 1997
6 980 000
28.4 %
January 26, 1998
7 450 000
29.1 %
December 7, 1998
8 220 000
31.5 %
January 25, 1999
7 490 000
29 %
June 14, 1999
7 800 000
29.8 %
August 30, 1999
6 650 000
26.9 %
November 8, 1999
7 080 000
27.6 %
February 26, 2000
7 820 000
30 %
May 8, 2000
7 310 000
28.2 %
October 9, 2000
6 870 000
27.8 %
December 4, 2000
6 340 000
26.8 %
February 12, 2001
6 250 000
25 %
April 14, 2001
5 970 000
25.3 %
October 1, 2001
5 480 000
24.7 %
November 5, 2001
6 260 000
25.9 %
March 11, 2002
6 820 000
26.7 %
April 15, 2002
5 750 000
24.6 %
October 14, 2002
7 400 000
29.2 %
November 25, 2002
7 890 000
30.2 %
January 20, 2003
9 470 000
38.4 %
March 17, 2003
8 880 000
33.6 %
October 5, 2003
9 030 000
34.7 %
October 27, 2003
9 850 000
39.2 %
January 26, 2004
10 120 000
40.3 %
March 15, 2004
8 390 000
30.4 %
September 27, 2004
8 940 000
32.2 %
October 25, 2004
9 970 000
39.4 %
January 10, 2005
7 990 000
30 %
February 28, 2005
8 800 000
31.4 %
August 28, 2005
8 030 000
29.3 %
October 31, 2005
7 125 000
27.2 %
February 20, 2006
8 070 000
30.8 %
April 10, 2006
7 840 000
30.1 %
May 29, 2006
8 845 000
34.7 %
October 9, 2006
8 340 000
32 %
December 4, 2006
9 362 000
36.9 %
March 5, 2007
11 150 000
43.2 %
August 27, 2007
8 672 000
37.8 %
November 5, 2007
9 238 000
33.9 %
February 12, 2008
8 560 000
32.8 %
March 31, 2008
7 261 000
28.3 %
April 21, 2008
7 682 000
30.1 %
August 25, 2008
7 936 000
35.2 %
September 29, 2008
7 159 000
29 %
October 27, 2008
7 938 000
28.6 %
February 9, 2009
7 700 000
29 %
April 6, 2009
8 127 000
31.7 %
October 5, 2009
7 339 000
28.5 %
November 2, 2009
7 844 000
29.2 %
February 8, 2010
8 478 000
32.6 %
April 5, 2010
6 759 000
25.4 %
May 10, 2010
7 846 000
31 %
September 20, 2010
5 821 000
24 %
October 25, 2010
8 269 000
31.1 %
February 21, 2011
8 182 000
31.3 %
April 11, 2011
7 126 000
27 %
August 29, 2011
6 146 000
23.7 %
October 31, 2011
6 629 000
25.9 %
February 13, 2012
7 020 000
25.5 %
April 9, 2012
7 263 000
25.4 %
August 27, 2012
5 486 000
23.6 %
October 1, 2012
4 880 000
18.4 %
February 25, 2013
6 891 000
25.3 %
April 22, 2013
6 882 000
25.9 %
June 3, 2013
5 900 000
22.4 %
September 30, 2013
5 107 000
20.8 %
October 21, 2013
6 982 000
26.5 %
February 17, 2014
5 553 000
21.4 %
February 24, 2014
5 814 000
22.4 %
March 10, 2014
6 402 000
25.6 %
October 27, 2014
6 146 000
24 %
November 3, 2014
6 041 000
24.3 %
February 2, 2015
6 061 000
23.4 %
February 9, 2015
6 312 000
24.6 %
October 12, 2015
5 133 000
21.3 %
November 2, 2015
4 727 000
19.3 %
December 14, 2015
4 950 000
19.4 %
January 4, 2016
5 285 000
20.9 %
April 25, 2016
4 919 000
20.9 %
August 23, 2016
5 557 000
27.3 %
October 26, 2016
4 529 000
18.7 %
April 3, 2017
5 317 000
22.8 %
April 10, 2017
5 535 000
23.5 %
August 29, 2017
4 364 000
20.1 %
October 16, 2017
4 931 000
20.2 %
October 23, 2017
5 300 000
21.7 %

Legend :

Green: highest
Red: lowest


Mimie Mathy has received the 7 d'Or for Favorite Actress in a Fictional Series three times, in 1998, 2000 and 2003. In 2003, the series also received a 7 d'Or for Favorite TV Series.[40]

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