Jordan–Mexico relations

Jordan–Mexico relations



Jordan–Mexico relations refers to the diplomatic relations between Jordan and Mexico.


Diplomatic relations between Jordan and Mexico were established on 9 July 1975.[1] One month later, from August 10-13, 1975, Mexican President Luis Echeverría paid a state visit to Jordan.[2] During President Echeverría's visit to Jordan, he discussed with Jordanian King Hussein on deepening economic and trade relations between both nations and spoke about the issues affecting the Middle East at the time.[2]

In June 2000, Mexican Forign Minister Rosario Green paid an official visit to Jordan.[3] In September 2000, Mexican President Ernesto Zedillo met with King Abdullah II during the United Nations General Session in New York City. In March 2002, King Abdullah II visited the northern Mexican city of Monterrey to attend the International Conference on Financing for Development summit. During his visit, he met with Mexican President Vicente Fox.[4] In February 2014, King Abdullah paid a second visit to Mexico and met with President Enrique Peña Nieto.[5] During the King's visit, memorandums were signed to increase cooperation in education and cultural exchanges; to increase technical and bilateral relations and to explore a free trade agreement.[1]

In July 2014, Mexican Foreign Minister José Antonio Meade paid a visit to Jordan and began negotiations on a free trade agreement with the country. During his visit, he announced that Mexico would open an embassy in the Jordanian capital. Foreign Minister Meade also paid a visit to the Syrian refugee camp of Zaatari to observe the humanitarian crisis facing the refugees.[6] In 2015, both Jordan and Mexico opened embassies in each other's capitals respectively.[7][8]

In 2015, Jordan and Mexico celebrated 40 years of diplomatic relations.[9]

State visits

Royal visits from Jordan to Mexico

Presidential and Foreign Ministerial visits from Mexico to Jordan

Bilateral agreements

Both nations have signed several bilateral agreements such as a Memorandum of Understanding between Mexico's Secretariat of Tourism and Jordan's Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities; Agreement of Technical Cooperation; Agreement on Educational and Cultural Cooperation; Memorandum of Understanding for the Establishment of a Mechanism of Consultation in Matters of Mutual Interest and a Memorandum of Understanding and Cooperation between both nations Diplomatic Institutions.[10]


In 2017, trade between Jordan and Mexico totaled $48.5 million USD.[11] Jordan's main exports to Mexico include: electronic parts, phosphate and other minerals. Mexico's main exports to Jordan include: antibiotics, trucks and other vehicles. Jordan is Mexico's 95th largest trading partner globally.[8] In 2014, both nations began negotiations on a free trade agreement.[10]

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