Jonathan LeVine

Jonathan LeVine is an American art dealer. In 2005 he opened the Jonathan LeVine Gallery, in the Chelsea area of Manhattan.[1] He sells lowbrow and street art.

As a child, LeVine lived in Trenton, New Jersey. He graduated in sculpture. In 2001 he opened a small gallery in New Hope, Pennsylvania, and two years later moved it to Philadelphia. In 2005 he moved again, to the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan, in New York City.[2]

In 2007, work by eight Brazilian street and graffiti artists was shown as "Ruas De São Paulo".[3]

In June 2007, LeVine rented a temporary space in the Dumbo section of Brooklyn for Shepard Fairey's exhibition E Pluribus Venom.[4]

In 2010, LeVine put on a group show for the fifth anniversary of his gallery;[2] some of the works were also shown on The New York Times website, with audio commentary by LeVine.[5]


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