Jeux des îles

The Jeux des îles (Games of the islands in english) is an annual multi-sport event for youth athletes from the 23 member countries of the association of Comité d'Organisation des Jeux des Iles (COJI).[1]


In the fourteen editions, the number of participating islands has changed from edition to edition, as delegations are not required to attend the event. There are, however, 23 islands registered at the COJI that have participated in at least one edition.


1997 Ajaccio Corsica France
1998 Ajaccio Corsica France
1999 Palermo Sicily Italy
2000 Funchal Madeira Portugal
2001 Palma de Mallorca Balearic Islands Spain
2002 Cagliari Sardinia Italy
2003 São Miguel Island Azores Portugal
2004 Las Palmas Canary Islands Spain
2005 Iraklio Crete Greece
2006 Palermo Sicily Italy
2007 Ajaccio Corsica France
2008 Basse-Terre Guadeloupe France
2009 Palma de Mallorca Balearic Islands Spain
2010 São Miguel Island Azores Portugal
2011 Palermo Sicily Italy
2012 Cagliari Sardinia Italy
2013 Ajaccio Corsica France
2014 Ajaccio Corsica France
2015 Angra do Heroísmo Azores Portugal
2016 Palma de Mallorca Balearic Islands Spain
2017 Fort-de-France Martinique France
2018 Palermo Sicily Italy


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