Jesuit Classical Gymnasium in Osijek

Jesuit Classical Gymnasium
Isusovačka klasična gimnazija s pravom javnosti
Trg Vatroslava Lisinskog 1
31000 Osijek
School type Private, Jesuit, Catholic
Motto Semper Magis (Croatian: Uvijek više)
(Always more)
Established 10 February 1998 (1998-02-10)
Founder Jesuits
Director Fr. Sebastian Šujević, SJ
Headmaster Ivica Musa[1]
Grades Gymnasium,9 through 12
Language Croatian
Newspaper Semper Magis

The school at Vatroslav Lisinski Square
viewed from the Promenade

Jesuit Classical Gymnasium with right of public (Croatian: Isusovačka klasična gimnazija s pravom javnosti, IKG) is a secondary school located in Tvrđa, the historic core of Osijek, Croatia. The school was founded by the Croatian Province of the Society of Jesus in 1998.


The school was established by Croatian Jesuits on 10 February 1998. On 25 June 1998 the school received permission from the Croatian Ministry of Science, Education, and Sports to open as a classical, 4-year gymnasium. The first school year was 1998/99, with 23 students enrolled. In the next two years there were two classes, as provided for in the school enrollment plan with the approval of the Ministry. Teaching took place in several locations like the Jesuit residence in Osijek and in a space at Gymnasium II. In 2000 the school moved into the new building.[2]

IKG is implementing the Ministry's program for a classical, four-year gymnasium . This includes learning the Latin and Greek language and culture throughout the four years and studying the ancient literature.

The Jesuit ideal is reflected in the school motto: Semper magis (hr. Always More ). The school aims to develop broadminded "men and women for others"[3] who are also firm in their faith and respectful of people with other beliefs, open to dialogue.[4]


The gymnasium building dates back to 1720.[5] In January 2000 the City of Osijek ceded it to the school. Annexes were added and the first two floors saw renovations. In 2005 the school received a building permit to use the attic and to construct an elevator.


# Headmaster Term
1 Pero Mijić - Barišić February 1998-September 1998
2 Petar Galauner 1998-2001
3 Mirko Nikolić 2001-2002
4 Ivan Matić 2002-2010
5 Ivica Musa 2010–present


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