Jerzy Zborowski

Jerzy Eugeniusz Zborowski
ps. "Jeremi"
Born (1922-07-26)July 26, 1922
Warsaw, Poland
Died September 1944
Warsaw, Poland

Jerzy Eugeniusz Zborowski (nom de guerre: Jeremi, Jurek, Jurek Kowalski, Kajman Okularnik, Jurek Żoliborski) was born on July 26, 1922 in Warsaw and died in September 1944 in Warsaw, Poland).

He was a Polish Scoutmaster (harcmistrz), scouting resistance activist, porucznik of the Armia Krajowa and commander of the Batalion Parasol during the Warsaw Uprising.

Zborowski was a partisan during Operation Arsenal and the assassin of Franz Bürkl in 1943.


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