Jaz (beer)

Type Pilsner-type rice beer
Country of origin Malaysia
Ingredients Rice, malt, hops, yeast

Jaz Beer is a pilsner-type rice beer, the first and only brand brewed in Malaysia.[1] It is produced using rice (rather than the usual barley), imported malt, imported hops, and German cultivated yeast. Due to Malaysian licensing laws, the product sale is limited to non-Muslims at Refreshment Outlets, such as coffee shops, restaurants and food courts; or night entertainment outlets, as pubs, karaoke, clubs, Beer gardens and late-opening restaurants.

Unlike many developed countries, in Malaysia the majority of alcohol consumption occurs on premises. The 60% of the population that is Malay and Muslim is reputed not to drink, as opposed to the Indian and Chinese minorities.[2] The latter has been continuously targeted by Jaz advertising, with much of their marketing material published in Chinese and the selection of Ethnic Chinese celebrities, as Gillian Chung.


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