Javier Ninja

Javier Ninja
Born Javier Madrid
(1984-03-10) 10 March 1984
Queens (New York City), United States
Nationality American
Occupation Vogue dancer and teacher
Known for Voguing

Javier Ninja (birth name Javier Madrid,[1] born 10 March 1984 in Queens[2] (New York City)) is an American vogue dancer[1][3] and teacher.[2][4][5] Madrid is a member of the Legendary House of Ninja founded by the late Willi Ninja[1] and has worn the House Dance International vogue "Champion of the year" for three consecutive years.[6] He is well known within the vogue dance world and has performed and taught in several countries including the U.S.[2][3][7]

Early life and education

Madrid was born in Queens, New York City.[2] He attended "The New Ballet School" (a tuition free ballet school for children from low income families, now called Ballet Tech founded by Eliot Feld[8]) when he was nine years old[2] and studied contemporary, modern and ballet, and discovered vogue when he was fifteen years old (in a nightclub).[1] Like many underground voguers of his generation and the generation before him, he started going to nightclubs whilst he was underage.[1] He met the great Willi Ninja in 2002 who went on to become his mentor. Willi coached and guided him for five years until he was ready to "walk" a ball.[1][9]


Madrid won the House Dance International's vogue "Champion of the year" three years in a row[6] (2007, 2008 and 2009[2]) and has become a permanent fixture of the ball scene since 2007 — entering many competition and judging.[2] He is a member of the Legendary House of Ninja,[10] a vogue house founded by the late Willi Ninja] — his mentor, and the person who brought him to the House.[1] Madrid has performed solo pieces as well as group pieces with other members of the House in various countries as well as in the U.S.[3] He performed in "Battle of Yestermorrow" by Iona Rozeal Brown (2011),[11][12] "Scott, Queen of Marys" - previously performed by his late mentor the great Willi Ninja ("the godfather of voguing"[13]) in 1994,[14] "Off Broadway" House of Ninja Production and "East is Red".[3] Television appearance include America's Next Top Model[3] presented by Tyra Banks and his "House father" Benny Ninja.[2] In 2010, Madrid performed in the World competition "Juste DeBout" in Paris.[1] He has performed with Madonna in the 2012 Super Bowl,[1] appeared in Icona Pop's music video "All Night" (2013)[3] and in FKA twigs music video "Glass & Patron" (2015) starring alongside Benjamin Milan, Tamsier Joof Aviance and David Magnifique — the three voguers from London (England).[15] Madrid also appeared in the flagging documentary "Flow Affair" directed by Wolfgang Busch.[16] As well as being a dancer, Madrid is also a vogue dance teacher and has taught in the US[4] and various other countries especially in Europe and the Far East.[2][7] He is a guest teacher at the Broadway Dance Center in New York City[3] and as of 2013, is the current "father" of the Legendary House of Ninja following Benny's involvement in the December 1, 2013 Metro-North train derailment.


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