Irreligion in the Middle East

Though atheists in the Middle East are rarely public about their lack of belief, and they are persecuted in many countries, including Saudi Arabia where they are classified as terrorists,[1] there are some atheist organizations in the Middle East and Arab world.

Persecution of atheists in the Middle East

Like other non-Muslims, atheists suffer persecution in the Middle East.[2] 64 percent of Muslims in Egypt are reported to approve of the death penalty for those who leave Islam.[2]


Though still uncommon, public acknowledgement of atheism is widely considered to be growing in the Middle East. Youth in the Persian Gulf countries have increasingly been expressing their atheism on the Internet in recent years, despite residing in heavily religious societies.[3]

More than 50 atheist Facebook groups and pages, some with more than 130,000 followers[4], have formed in the last few years especially since the Arab spring.[5]

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