Ironman World Championship

The Ironman World Championship has been held annually in Hawaii since 1978, with an additional race in 1982. It is owned and organized by the World Triathlon Corporation. It is the annual culmination of a series of Ironman triathlon qualification races held throughout the world.


From 1978 through 1980 the race was held on the island of Oahu, the course combining that of three events already held there: the Waikiki Roughwater Swim (2.4 mi./3.86 km), the Around-Oahu Bike Race (115 mi./185.07 km, originally a two-day event), and the Honolulu Marathon. The bike stage was reduced by 3 miles to link it to the start of the marathon course. In 1981 the race was moved to the less urbanized Big Island, keeping the distances the same: a 2.4 miles (3.86 km) open water swim in Kailua-Kona Bay, a 112 miles (180.25 km) bike ride across the Hawaiian lava desert to Hāwī and back, and a marathon (26 miles 385 yards, 42.195 km) run along the coast of the Big Island from Keauhou to Keahole Point and back to Kailua-Kona, finishing on Aliʻi Drive.

Since 1982, the race has been held in the fall each year, before which it was held in the spring, giving two races in 1982. The most recent Ironman World Championship took place on October 8, 2016. Qualifying for the World Championship is achieved through placement in one of the other Ironman races or some Ironman 70.3 races. For the 2017 event there were 40 qualifying Ironman races and 4 at the 70.3 distance [1].

The current Ironman Hawaii course record was set in 2017 by Patrick Lange (Germany), whose winning time was 8 hrs 1 min 40 sec. The women's course record is 8 hrs 46 mins 46 sec, set in 2016 by Daniela Ryf (Switzerland),[2] who also won in 2015 and 2017.

Athletes with disabilities compete in the event in the physically challenged category, which was instituted in 1997, and are required to meet the same cutoff times as able bodied competitors. Australian John Maclean was the first physically challenged athlete to complete the event.[3]

Course records


Event Record Athlete Nationality Edition Ref
Full Ironman 8:01:40
Patrick Lange  Germany 2017 [4]
Swim (3.862 km) 46:41 Lars Jorgensen  United States 1998 [5]
Bike (180.246 km) 4:12:54 Cameron Wurf  Australia 2017 [6]
Run (42.195 km) 2:39:45 Patrick Lange  Germany 2016 [7]


Event Record Athlete Nationality Edition Ref
Full Ironman 8:46:46
Daniela Ryf   Switzerland 2016 [8]
Swim (3.862 km) 48:43 Jodi Jackson  United States 1999 [5]
Bike (180.246 km) 4:44:19 Karin Thürig   Switzerland 2011 [5]
Run (42.195 km) 2:50:38 Mirinda Carfrae  Australia 2013 [9]



Year Gold Time Silver Time Bronze Time
2017  Patrick Lange (GER)8:01:40  Lionel Sanders (CAN)8:04:07  David McNamee (GBR)8:07:11
2016  Jan Frodeno (GER)8:06:30  Sebastian Kienle (GER)8:10:02  Patrick Lange (GER)8:11:14
2015  Jan Frodeno (GER)8:14:40  Andreas Raelert (GER)8:17:43  Timothy O'Donnell (USA)8:18:50
2014  Sebastian Kienle (GER)8:14:18  Ben Hoffman (USA)8:19:23  Jan Frodeno (GER)8:20:32
2013  Frederik Van Lierde (BEL)8:12:29  Luke McKenzie (AUS)8:15:19  Sebastian Kienle (GER)8:19:24
2012  Pete Jacobs (AUS)8:18:37  Andreas Raelert (GER)8:23:40  Frederik Van Lierde (BEL)8:24:09
2011  Craig Alexander (AUS)8:03:56  Pete Jacobs (AUS)8:09:11  Andreas Raelert (GER)8:11:07
2010  Chris McCormack (AUS)8:10:37  Andreas Raelert (GER)8:12:17  Marino Vanhoenacker (BEL)8:13:14
2009  Craig Alexander (AUS)8:20:21  Chris Lieto (USA)8:22:56  Andreas Raelert (GER)8:24:32
2008  Craig Alexander (AUS)8:17:45  Eneko Llanos (ESP)8:20:50  Rutger Beke (BEL)8:21:23
2007  Chris McCormack (AUS)8:15:34  Craig Alexander (AUS)8:19:04  Torbjørn Sindballe (DEN)8:21:30
2006  Normann Stadler (GER)8:11:58  Chris McCormack (AUS)8:13:10  Faris Al-Sultan (GER)8:19:05
2005  Faris Al-Sultan (GER)8:14:17  Cameron Brown (NZL)8:19:36  Peter Reid (CAN)8:20:04
2004  Normann Stadler (GER)8:33:29  Peter Reid (CAN)8:43:40  Faris Al-Sultan (GER)8:45:14
2003  Peter Reid (CAN)8:22:35  Rutger Beke (BEL)8:28:27  Cameron Brown (NZL)8:30:08
2002  Tim DeBoom (USA)8:29:56  Peter Reid (CAN)8:33:06  Cameron Brown (NZL)8:35:34
2001  Tim DeBoom (USA)8:31:18  Cameron Brown (NZL)8:46:10  Thomas Hellriegel (GER)8:47:40
2000  Peter Reid (CAN)8:21:01  Tim DeBoom (USA)8:23:10  Normann Stadler (GER)8:26:45
1999  Luc Van Lierde (BEL)8:17:17  Peter Reid (CAN)8:22:54  Tim DeBoom (USA)8:25:42
1998  Peter Reid (CAN)8:24:20  Luc Van Lierde (BEL)8:31:57  Lothar Leder (GER)8:32:57
1997  Thomas Hellriegel (GER)8:33:01  Jürgen Zäck (GER)8:39:18  Lothar Leder (GER)8:40:30
1996  Luc Van Lierde (BEL)8:04:08  Thomas Hellriegel (GER)8:06:07  Greg Welch (AUS)8:18:57
1995  Mark Allen (USA)8:20:34  Thomas Hellriegel (GER)8:22:59  Rainer Müller-Hörner (GER)8:25:23
1994  Greg Welch (AUS)8:20:27  Dave Scott (USA)8:24:32  Jeff Devlin (USA)8:31:56
1993  Mark Allen (USA)8:07:45  Pauli Kiuru (FIN)8:14:27  Wolfgang Dittrich (GER)8:20:13
1992  Mark Allen (USA)8:09:08  Cristián Bustos (CHI)8:16:29  Pauli Kiuru (FIN)8:17:29
1991  Mark Allen (USA)8:18:32  Greg Welch (AUS)8:24:34  Jeff Devlin (USA)8:27:55
1990  Mark Allen (USA)8:28:17  Scott Tinley (USA)8:37:40  Pauli Kiuru (FIN)8:39:24
1989  Mark Allen (USA)8:09:14  Dave Scott (USA)8:10:13  Greg Welch (AUS)8:32:16
1988  Scott Molina (USA)8:31:00  Mike Pigg (USA)8:33:11  Ken Glah (USA)8:38:37
1987  Dave Scott (USA)8:34:13  Mark Allen (USA)8:45:19  Greg Stewart (AUS)8:58:53
1986  Dave Scott (USA)8:28:37  Mark Allen (USA)8:36:04  Scott Tinley (USA)9:00:37
1985  Scott Tinley (USA)8:50:54  Chris Hinshaw (USA)9:16:40  Carl Kupferschmid (SUI)9:26:32
1984  Dave Scott (USA)8:54:20  Scott Tinley (USA)9:18:45  Grant Boswell (USA)9:23:55
1983  Dave Scott (USA)9:05:57  Scott Tinley (USA)9:06:30  Mark Allen (USA)9:21:06
1982 (Oct)  Dave Scott (USA)9:08:23  Scott Tinley (USA)9:28:28  Jeff Tinley (USA)9:36:53
1982 (Feb)  Scott Tinley (USA)9:19:41  Dave Scott (USA)9:53:16  Jeff Tinley (USA)9:53:16
1981  John Howard (USA)9:38:29  Tom Warren (USA)10:04:38  Scott Tinley (USA)10:12:47
1980  Dave Scott (USA)9:24:33  Chuck Neumann (USA)10:24:41  John Howard (USA)10:32:36
1979  Tom Warren (USA)11:15:56  John Dunbar (USA)12:03:56  Ian Emberson (USA)12:23:30
1978  Gordon Haller (USA)11:46:58  John Dunbar (USA)12:20:27  Dave Orlowski (USA)13:59:13


Year Gold Time Silver Time Bronze Time
2017  Daniela Ryf (SUI)8:50:47  Lucy Charles (GBR)8:59:38  Sarah Crowley (AUS)9:01:38
2016  Daniela Ryf (SUI)8:46:46  Mirinda Carfrae (AUS)9:10:30  Heather Jackson (USA)9:11:32
2015  Daniela Ryf (SUI)8:57:57  Rachel Joyce (GBR)9:10:59  Liz Blatchford (GBR)9:14:52
2014  Mirinda Carfrae (AUS)9:00:55  Daniela Ryf (SUI)9:02:57  Rachel Joyce (GBR)9:04:23
2013  Mirinda Carfrae (AUS)8:52:14  Rachel Joyce (GBR)8:57:28  Liz Blatchford (GBR)9:03:35
2012  Leanda Cave (GBR)9:15:54  Caroline Steffen (SUI)9:16:58  Mirinda Carfrae (AUS)9:21:41
2011  Chrissie Wellington (GBR)8:55:08  Mirinda Carfrae (AUS)8:57:57  Leanda Cave (GBR)9:03:29
2010  Mirinda Carfrae (AUS)8:58:36  Caroline Steffen (SUI)9:06:00  Julie Dibens (GBR)9:10:04
2009  Chrissie Wellington (GBR)8:54:02  Mirinda Carfrae (AUS)9:13:59  Virginia Berasategui (ESP)9:15:28
2008  Chrissie Wellington (GBR)9:06:23  Yvonne van Vlerken (NED)9:21:20  Sandra Wallenhorst (GER)9:22:52
2007  Chrissie Wellington (GBR)9:08:45  Samantha McGlone (CAN)9:14:04  Kate Major (AUS)9:19:13
2006  Michellie Jones (AUS)9:18:31  Desiree Ficker (USA)9:24:02  Lisa Bentley (CAN)9:25:18
2005  Natascha Badmann (SUI)9:09:30  Michellie Jones (AUS)9:11:51  Kate Major (AUS)9:12:39
2004  Natascha Badmann (SUI)9:50:04  Heather Fuhr (CAN)9:56:19  Kate Major (AUS)10:01:56
2003  Lori Bowden (CAN)9:11:55  Natascha Badmann (SUI)9:17:08  Nina Kraft (GER)9:17:16
2002  Natascha Badmann (SUI)9:07:54  Nina Kraft (GER)9:14:24  Lori Bowden (CAN)9:22:27
2001  Natascha Badmann (SUI)9:28:37  Lori Bowden (CAN)9:32:59  Nina Kraft (GER)9:41:01
2000  Natascha Badmann (SUI)9:26:17  Lori Bowden (CAN)9:29:05  Fernanda Keller (BRA)9:31:29
1999  Lori Bowden (CAN)9:13:02  Karen Smyers (USA)9:20:40  Fernanda Keller (BRA)9:24:30
1998  Natascha Badmann (SUI)9:24:16  Lori Bowden (CAN)9:27:19  Fernanda Keller (BRA)9:28:29
1997  Heather Fuhr (CAN)9:31:43  Lori Bowden (CAN)9:41:42  Fernanda Keller (BRA)9:50:02
1996  Paula Newby-Fraser (USA)9:06:49  Natascha Badmann (SUI)9:11:19  Karen Smyers (USA)9:19:13
1995  Karen Smyers (USA)9:16:46  Isabelle Mouthon (FRA)9:25:13  Fernanda Keller (BRA)9:37:48
1994  Paula Newby-Fraser (USA)9:20:14  Karen Smyers (USA)9:28:08  Fernanda Keller (BRA)9:43:30
1993  Paula Newby-Fraser (USA)8:58:23  Erin Baker (NZL)9:08:04  Susan Latshaw (USA)9:20:40
1992  Paula Newby-Fraser (ZIM)8:55:28  Julie Anne White (CAN)9:21:40  Thea Sybesma (NED)9:26:57
1991  Paula Newby-Fraser (ZIM)9:07:52  Erin Baker (NZL)9:23:37  Sarah Coope (GBR)9:33:20
1990  Erin Baker (NZL)9:13:42  Paula Newby-Fraser (ZIM)9:20:01  Terri Schneider (USA)10:00:34
1989  Paula Newby-Fraser (ZIM)9:00:56  Sylviane Puntous (CAN)9:21:55  Kirsten Hanssen (USA)9:24:31
1988  Paula Newby-Fraser (ZIM)9:01:01  Erin Baker (NZL)9:12:14  Kirsten Hanssen (USA)9:37:25
1987  Erin Baker (NZL)9:35:25  Sylviane Puntous (CAN)9:36:57  Paula Newby-Fraser (ZIM)9:40:37
1986  Paula Newby-Fraser (ZIM)9:49:14  Sylviane Puntous (CAN)9:53:13  Joanne Ernst (USA)10:00:07
1985  Joanne Ernst (USA)10:25:22  Elizabeth Bulman (USA)10:26:55  Paula Newby-Fraser (ZIM)10:31:04
1984  Sylviane Puntous (CAN)10:25:13  Patricia Puntous (CAN)10:27:28  Julie Olson (USA)10:38:10
1983  Sylviane Puntous (CAN)10:43:36  Patricia Puntous (CAN)10:49:17  Eva Ueltzen (USA)11:01:49
1982 (Oct)  Julie Leach (USA)10:54:08  Jo Ann Dahlkoetter (USA)10:58:21  Sally Edwards (USA)11:03:00
1982 (Feb)  Kathleen McCartney (USA)11:09:40  Julie Moss (USA)11:10:09  Lyn Brooks (USA)
 Sally Edwards (USA)
1981  Linda Sweeney (USA)12:02:32  Sally Edwards (USA)12:37:25  Lyn Brooks (USA)12:42:15
1980  Robin Beck (USA)11:21:24  Eve Anderson (USA)15:40:59
1979  Lyn Lemaire (USA)12:55:38

Paula Newby Fraser was a citizen and represented the United States for the 1993, 1994 and 1996 race ; Results

Ironman lottery

Until 2015, individuals could enter a lottery for the chance to participate in the Ironman World Championship. The lottery entry fee was $50 and afforded the chance to win one of 100 berths in the championship race. If selected the winners then had to pay the normal entry fee.[10]

However, according to a sworn complaint filed with the U.S. District Court in Tampa, Florida, Ironman illegally charged athletes for a chance to win the opportunity to compete in the Ironman World Championship.[11][12] According to Florida law, the state where the World Triathlon Corporation resides, it is illegal to set up and charge for a lottery.[13] Because WTC charged a $50 fee to enter the lottery, instead of giving away the opportunity to win a slot at the championships, they were in violation of this law.[14] Following the complaint WTC cooperated with the United States Attorneys office and the FBI's investigation of the matter and agreed to forfeit $2,761,910, the amount collected from the lottery since October 24, 2012.[11][15] The attorney representing the United States in the matter was 8-time Ironman finisher James A. Muench.[16]

Winners of the 2015 lottery were notified on March 17, 2015, prior to the announcement of the complaint.[12] WTC stated that these winners would be unaffected by this decision and that their slots for the upcoming championship race would be honored.[17]


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