Iranian legislative election, 1963

Iranian legislative election, 1963

17 September 1963

All 200 seats to the National Consultative Assembly

  First party Second party
Leader Hassan Ali Mansur Asadollah Alam
Party New Iran Party People's Party
Seats won 140 16
Seat change 140 49

Prime Minister before election

Asadollah Alam
People's Party

Elected Prime Minister

Hassan Ali Mansur
New Iran Party

Parliamentary elections were held in Iran on 17 September 1963.[1] The result was a victory for the New Iran Party, which won 140 of the 200 seats. Voter turnout was 91.7%.[1]

It was held a few months after the 'White Revolution referendum' and the subsequent demonstrations in June.

Before the elections, opposition figures such as National Front and Freedom Movement activists were jailed and no genuine opposition candidates were permitted in the elections.[2]

The elections were "rigged and far from a legitimate process".[3]


Party Votes % Seats +/–
New Iran Party140New
People's Party16–49
Invalid/blank votes
Total5,593,826 2000
Source: Nohlen et al.[1]


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