International rankings of China

The following are international rankings of China.


Apple production, output of 37,001,601 tons12014
Aquatic plants production, output of 11,163,675 tons12005
Asparagus production, output of 5,906,000 tons12005
Cabbage production, output of 33,400,000 tons12014
Carrot and turnip production, output of 8,395,500 tons12005
Cauliflowers and broccoli production, output of 9,300,000 tons12014
Chestnut production, output of 900,000 tons12015
Cotton production, output of 11,400,000 tons12005
Cucumber and gherkin production, output of 26,000,000 tons12005
Eggplant production, output of 32,000,000 tons12016
Fish production, output of 49,467,275 tons12005
Fruit and vegetable production, output of 506,634,000 tons12004
Garlic production, output of 21,200,000 tons12016
Honey production, output of 298,000 tons12005
Livestock of domestic sheep, 185,000,000 heads12013
Livestock of domestic pig, 474,100,000 heads12014
Livestock of donkeys, 8,499,000 heads12003
Livestock of horses, 8,088,000 heads12003
Livestock of mules, 4,194,000 heads12003
Lettuce and chicory production, output of 11,005,000 tons12005
Mushroom and truffle production, output of 1,410,540 tons12005
Onion and shallot production, output of 17,793,000 tons12005
Peach and nectarine production, output of 6,030,000 tons12005
Peanut production, output of 16,500,000 tons12014
Pear and quince production, output of 11,537,000 tons12005
Persimmon production, output of 1,987,000 tons12006
Plum and sloe production, output of 4,635,500 tons12005
Potato production, output of 95.5 million metric tons12014
Rapeseed production, output of 15.3 million metric tons22016
Rice production, output of 206,500,000 tons12014
Silk production, output of 290,003 tons12005
Spinach production, output of 11,011,000 tons12005
Tangerine production, output of 14,152,000 tons12007
Tea production, output of 2,400,000 million tons12016
Tobacco production, output of 2,298,800 tons12000
Tomato production, output of 52,600,000 tons12016
Walnut production, output of 1,602,373 tons12014
Watermelon production, output of 79,200,000 tons12016
Wheat production, output of 126.2 million metric tons12014

Communications and Technology

Connectivity Scorecard (Nokia Siemens)[1]172009
E-readiness (Economist Intelligence Unit)[2]562008
Internet hosts, 20,602,000[3]52013
Internet users, 746,662,194[4]12016
Main line phones, 269,910,000[5]12011
Mobile phone users, 1,321,930,000[6]12016
Telephones - mobile cellular, 1,100,000,000[7]12012
Networked Readiness Index (WEF)[8]572008
Space Competitiveness Index (Futron)[9]52012


Car market, 13.64 million vehicles[10]12009
Rice consumption, 156.3 million metric tons per year12009


Human Development Index, 0.738902015
Labour force, 806,700,00012017
Life expectancy at birth - total, 74.9[7] years1002013
Life expectancy at birth - female, 77.27[7] years1122013
Life expectancy at birth - male, 72.96[7] years912013
Median age years, 36.30[7] years652013
Population, 1,349,585,838 people[7]12013


GDP (nominal)22017
GDP (nominal) per capita712017
GDP (PPP)12017
GDP (PPP) per capita792017
GDP growth rate, 6.7%152017
Exports, $2,157,000,000,00012017
Imports, $1,731,000,000,00022017
Current account balance, $162,500,000,00032017
Forex reserves, $3,125,000,000,00012018
Global Competitiveness Index, 5.00272018
Index of Economic Freedom, 57.81102018
Quality-of-life index, 5.99492013
Unemployment rate, 4.1%322013
Gold reserves, 1842.6 metric tons62018

Energy and Environment

Carbon dioxide emissions, 10,641,789,000 metric tons12013
Carbon dioxide emissions per capita, 6.7 metric tons per capita[11]492011
Environmental Sustainability Index1332005
Hydroelectricity production, 1,064.0 TW•h per year12014
Renewable energy production, 1,398.2 TW•h per year12015


Countries bordered, 1412015
Land area22015
Land border length, 22,117 km12015
Total area32015


Index of Globalization (KOF)[12]722014


Aluminium production, 31,873,000 tons12016
Antimony production, 100,000 tons12016
Arsenic production, 25,000 tons12014
Bismuth production, 7,500 tons12015
Cadmium production, 3,000 tons12005
Cement production, 2,500,000,000 tons12014
Coal production, 3,411.0 million tons12016
Fluorite production, 3,000,000 tons12006
Gold production, 455 tonnes[13]12016
Iron production, 375,000,000 tons32015
Manganese production, 3,000,000 tons22015
Mercury production, 1,150 tons12005
Mica production, 89,000 tons12005
Motor vehicle production, 29,015,434 vehicles[14]12017
Shipbuilding, 25,160,000 GT12015
Solar panel production[15]12009
Steel production, 831,700,000 tons12017
Stroncium production, 700,000 tons12005
Tin production, 120,000 tons12005
Tin reserves, 1,500,000 tons12011
Tungsten production, 46,900 tons12005
Wind turbine production[15]12009
Zinc production, 3,100,000 tons12009



Active troops, 2.183 million troops[16]12010
Frigates in operation, 5012015
Police forces, 1,780,000 officers22010


Corruption Perceptions Index[17]792016
Press Freedom Index[18]1762018
Privacy Index452007


Gender Gap Index (World Economic Forum)[19]872014
State of the World's Mothers (Save the Children)[20]612015
Suicide rate (World Health Organization)[21]1152015


Women's badminton Uber Cup, 14 wins12018
World Badminton Championships, 63 gold medals won12018
World Amateur Go Championship, 18 wins12009
World Table Tennis Championships, 35 team wins12009
World Weightlifting Championships (women), 314 gold medals, 423 total medals12007


Total length of high-speed railways, 25,000 km12018
Total length of waterways, 126,300 km12014


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