International Wushu Federation

International Wushu Federation
Abbreviation IWUF
Formation October 3, 1990
Type Sports association
Legal status Federation
Purpose Development of Wushu as a sport
Headquarters Lausanne, Switzerland[1]
Region served
147 nations
Official language
Chinese and English.
Yu Zaiqing

The International Wushu Federation (IWUF; Chinese: 国际武术联合会) is an international sport organization established on October 3, 1990 in Beijing, China during the 11th Asian summer Games to promote Wushu. These Wushu competitions hold in two parts: sanda (fighting) and taolu (forms). Currently, the IWUF has 146 members, across 5 continental federations worldwide. The IWUF is recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), and is also a member of both ARISF and Sport Accord.


Since 1991, the IWUF has held 13 World Wushu Championships (Chinese: 世界武术锦标赛) and has helped over 100 federations (List of member federations External) around the globe to organize their own championships and national tournaments (e.g. the European Championships are held by the European Wushu Federation).[2] The IWUF has been trying actively to push Wushu to become a demonstration sport or even a formal medal event at the summer Olympic Games since 1992. The current president of IWUF is Mr. Yu Zaiqing of People's Republic of China (2003- ), and its headquarters are located in Lausanne, with an administrative office in Beijing.

The last World Wushu Championships were held in kazan, russia on 2017.

List of international competitions organised by the IWUF


Asian Wushu Championships

Asian Wushu Championships

Competitions of the Asian Wushu Championships

No.YearHost City, Country
11987 Yokohama, Japan
21989 Hong Kong, Hong Kong
31992 Seoul, South Korea
41996 Manila, Philippines
52000 Hanoi, Vietnam
62004 Yangon, Myanmar
72008 Macau, Macau
82012 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
92016 Taoyuan, Chinese Taipei

Asian Junior Wushu Championships

The Asian Junior Wushu Championships organised by the Wushu Federation of Asia (WFA).

Competitions of the Asian Junior Wushu championships

No.YearHost City, Country
12001 Hanoi, Vietnam
22003 Beijing, China
32005 Singapore, Singapore
42007 Yeongju, South Korea
52009 Macau, Macau
62011 Shanghai, China
72013 Manila, Philippines
82015 Xilinhot, China
92017 Gumi, South Korea

Results of Asian Junior Wushu Championships

2015 Asian Wushu Junior Championships Medal table

Rank Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
1 China210021
2 Hong Kong89623
3 Vietnam87722
4 Iran6111027
5 Japan67215
6 Malaysia4101024
7 Macau48416
8 Indonesia42410
9 Philippines4048
10 Singapore35614
11 South Korea35210
12 Uzbekistan2114
13 Brunei1315
14 Chinese Taipei1247
15 Kazakhstan02810
16 Myanmar0112
17 Afghanistan0101
18 Turkmenistan0044
19 India0022
20 Mongolia0022
21   Nepal0011


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