International Workers and Amateurs in Sports Confederation

CSIT - International Workers and Amateurs in Sports Confederation
Founded at 10.5.1913 in Gent, Belgium
Purpose Sport for All
  • Vienna, Austria
Secretary General
Wolfgang Burghardt

The International Labour and Amateur Sports Confederation (French: Confédération Sportive Internationale Travailliste et Amateur, CSIT) is an international multi-sports organization. The organization celebrated its 100 years anniversary in 2013. The core principles of contributing to physical activity and sports have stayed in its action policy: it is a right of man and woman to practice sport by his/her own conditions. The key concept of the CSIT’s sport policy has always been in sport for all. – The policy stems from the historic ideas of the international worker sport movement. The policy stems from the historic ideas of the international worker sport movement.

Nowadays, the main activities that the CSIT is organizing are the major and small sports events, more precisely Sport for All - games for amateurs and workers, competitive and non-competitive, for young and old, men and women from all over the world. Sports events are considered as festivals of friendship, cultural exchange, events promoting awareness of tolerance, respect, sustainability and fair play in sport environment addressed to unlimited size of participants; all those major and small events welcome the CSIT members, other non-member organizations, cooperation partners, governmental bodies, trade unions and business companies with sports activities for employees and amateurs worldwide.

Within the world of international sport, the CSIT maintains its support for everyone to benefit from sporting activities regardless of their qualifications, talent, nationality, age, sex and social circumstances.

During last two decades the CSIT has grown rapidly up to a global organization with altogether 31 national member organizations. They are in alphabetical order: FAST (Algeria), UNTA (Angola), ASKOE (Austria), AFSTB (Belgium), FROS (Belgium), BWF Sport & Health (Bulgaria), CWCIE (China), PASEK (Cyprus), DAI (Denmark), JOUD (Estonia), KALEV (Estonia), TUL (Finland), FFST (France), FSGT (France), Rad- und Kraftfahrerbund ”Solidarität” Deutchland 1896 e.v. (Germany), AFWSI (Iran), AAI (Ireland), HAPOEL (Israel), ACSI (Italy), AICS (Italy), LTSA (Latvia), ”ZALGIRIS” (Lithuania), INDET (Mexico), NCS (Netherlands), INATEL (Portugal), CSE (Romania), ”Atomsport” (Russia), ZZBSS (Slovenia), SATUS (Switzerland), ONCST (Tunisia) and HIS (Turkey).

In addition there are two (sub) continental members: one from Americas (Confederacao Pan-Americana de Desporto do Trabalhador COPADET) and the other from Europe (Balkan Association for Workers’ Sport BAWS). Furthermore, in January 2018 there were eight candidate members in process to become regular CSIT members; namely ANASTACAM (Cameron), UCEC (Spain, Catalonia), ICSF (Iraq), WSFI (India, LIBERTAS (Italy), CSEN (Italy), MASA (Mongolia) and FederSwiss – Sport for All (Switzerland).


The relevance of the CSIT sport policy is growing with importance, especially when commercialization and the lack of facilities and economic resources are reducing sports participation to passive entertainment for the vast majority of people. The CSIT is an organization, which aims at promoting and broadening workers' and amateurs' sport activities and thus developing into a world-wide movement. All activities pursue aspirations for democracy, solidarity and improvement of the quality of life through sport. The movement should encompass all sports federations and hence it would be possible to provide better opportunities for varied physical exercise for all citizens.

As stated above the CSIT stands for promotion of tolerance, respect, fair play, friendship, intercultural dialogue and integration through sport. A “Zero Tolerance” - Policy towards violence, fanatic behaviour and racism is pursued accurately.

Fields of Activity

As listed the fields of the CSIT activities are as follows:

  • Sports Championships from young to seniors The championships are not games for professional top athletes, but for all workers and amateurs from different countries and cultures all over the world. Not only organizing competitions is in the foreground, but also organizing a huge festival with the objective of gathering sports friends as a worldwide family to advance the making of lifelong friendships, the exchange of information and experiences.
  • Sports for All Activities: Sports for Elderly People (Seniors 55+) The task is to organize events also for elderly ones by gathering them to the following experiences: to practice and discovery of specific sports and physical activities, the exchange of training programs and knowledge relating to these and the exchange about culture, tourism and way of life of each country.
  • Young Leaders Platform The purpose of the Younger Leaders Platform is to share projects, events and camps, diffuse ideas and innovations, give information about different organizations, strengthen networks and ways of collaboration, learn to know better each other and develop a mutual support by sharing the expertise.

Relevant Activities and Experiences

The achievement of the following aims is the most important task of the CSIT:

  • to bring together workers and amateur sports organizations of the entire world and to promote the foundation of new organizations,
  • to co-operate with international organizations with the same goals and values,
  • to support member organizations with their tasks and activities in all the fields of sport and physical culture, also through agreements with international organizations and authorities,
  • to promote all activities that aim to improve the practice of sports by human beings of two sexes considering their age and their physical aptitudes in order to protect and improve their health;
  • to achieve the aims by respecting the amateur status of athletes, the values of amateurism and the educational values of sport,
  • to encourage to practice sport and physical activity in nature while considering the protection of the environment,
  • to use sport as a means to promote peace and mutual understanding among people and to contribute to development of the world of social associations at any level,
  • to sustain cultural advancement and to improve health including psychophysical conditions of the member unions as well as its individual members.

Pillars of CSIT

The objectives of the CSIT are conducted in praxis by clearly defined pillars. They are the CSIT World Sports Games, the CSIT Single Championships, the International Tournaments, the International Festivals, the Sport for All-activities, the International Projects and the Health, Recreation and Fitness Activities.

Partners and Networks

  • IOC (International Olympic Committee),
  • SportAccord (United Sports Federations),
  • ICSSPE (International Council of Sport and Physical Education),
  • EFPM (European Fair Play Movement),
  • ISCA (International Sport and Culture Association),
  • WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency),
  • TAFISA (The Association for International Sport for All),
  • FICEP (Fédération Internationale Catholique Education Physique et Sportive),
  • AISTS (International Academy of Sport Science and Technology),
  • IWG (International Working Group on Women and Sport),
  • FICS (The International Federation of Sports Chiropractic),
  • P.I. (Panathlon International),
  • ENGSO (European Non-Governmental Sports Organisation).

CSIT World Sports Games - A New Brand of the CSIT

The "World Sports Games" are the main highlight and a new Brand of the CSIT. It is a unique major sports event for thousands of workers and amateurs every two years where the incomparable "Spirit of CSIT" can be experienced. This experience started in 2008. The CSIT World Sports Games are the successor major sports events of the International Workers' Olympiads.

Edition Year City Country
1 [1] 2008 Rimini  Italy
2 [2] 2010 Tallinn  Estonia
3 [3] 2013 Varna  Bulgaria
4 [4] 2015 Lignano  Italy
5 [5] 2017 Rīga  Latvia
6 [6] 2019 Tortosa  Spain

Rank Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
1 Austria15812786371
2 Netherlands767262210
3 Israel364438118
4 Brazil274231100
5 France20353489
6 Finland24253877
7 Latvia13262766
8 Russia449457
9 Iran2691045
10 Mexico19111343
11 Italy1712938
12 Belgium173222
13 Ireland103518
14 Belgium271019
15  Switzerland2237
16 Bulgaria2305
17 Slovenia2002
18 Tunisia2002
19 France1416
20 Portugal1045
21 Estonia1001
22 Estonia0437
23 Spain0325
25 United Kingdom0213
24 Denmark0123
26 Cyprus0112
27 Algeria0101
28 Belgium0101
29 France0011
30 United Kingdom0011
  • some of country have more than one team.

Sports (2017)

15 official CSIT championships and 8 demonstration sport :

Individual Sports

Team Sports

Demonstration Sports

  1. O-Sport
  2. Bowling
  3. Wheel Gymnastics
  4. YOU.FO
  5. Street Workout
  6. Crossminton
  7. Darts
  8. Streetball (3 on 3)
  • others : Spikeball, Kubb, Body Art, Zumba, Capoeira, Arm wrestling, Table hockey, Kendo, Lacrosse, Croquet, Archery, Novuss, Orienteering, Drag reiss, Karate (All Style), Sambo.


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