International Kabaddi Federation

The International Kabaddi Federation is the international governing body of Kabaddi.[1] Its membership comprises 31 national associations.[2] The federation was formed in 2004. The founder and current president being Janardan Singh Gehlot from India. The other office bearers were: Mohammed Ali Pour (Iran), Khana Jawa (Japan), Veerawat (Thailand), Yoon Yeong Hak (South Korea), Ashok Das (United Kingdom); (Vice-president), Nisar Ahmed (Germany); (Secretary), R.M. Sunderashan (Malaysia); (Treasurer), Jaya Shetty (India); (CEO), Shankarrao Salvi (India); (Adviser).[3]


The following countries are members of the International Kabaddi Federation:.[4] Their abbreviations are according to that given in olympics.

CountryContinentMen's TeamWomen's Team
 Afghanistan Asia
 Australia Oceania
 Austria Europe
 Bangladesh Asia
 Bhutan Asia
 Cambodia Asia
 Canada America
 France Europe
 Germany Europe
 England Europe
 India Asia
 Indonesia Asia
 Iran Asia
 Italy Europe
 Japan Asia
 Kyrgyzstan Asia
 Malaysia Asia
 Maldives Asia
   Nepal Asia
 Norway Europe
 Oman Asia
 Pakistan Asia
 South Korea Asia
 Spain Europe
 Sri Lanka Asia
 Sweden Europe
 Chinese Taipei Asia
 Thailand Asia
 Turkmenistan Asia
 United States America
West Indies America

The non member countries who have their national team are:

CountryContinentMen's TeamWomen's Team
 Argentina America
 China Asia
 Denmark Europe
 Kenya Africa
 Mexico America
 New Zealand Oceania
 Scotland Europe
 Sierra Leone Africa
 Vietnam Asia

IKF Confederations

  • Asian Kabaddi Confederation
  • European Kabaddi confederation

IKF structured tournaments

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