Inter-Varsity Press

Inter-Varsity Press
Country of origin  United Kingdom
Headquarters location London
Key people

Andrew Fergusson, Chair of Trustees [1]

Stephen Mitchell, Director of Publishing [1]
Publication types Books, DVDs and other media[2]
Nonfiction topics Bible commentaries, Christian life (evangelical), theology
Imprints Apollos, Crossway, Tyndale
Revenue £2,731,000[2]
No. of employees c.20[1]
Official website

Inter-Varsity Press (IVP) was previously the publishing wing of Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship. It claims to support the publishing or distribution of well over one million books each year to over 150 countries, including the translation of titles into over 90 different languages. Following a UCCF-wide strategic review in 2005, IVP was afforded organisational independence to enable IVP to increase its focus on developing its publishing ministry, whilst continuing to support the development of theological and other students worldwide. [1]

In 2015, IVP came under the management of the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge (SPCK), who agreed with the IVP trustees a comprehensive plan to refinance IVP and ensure it is fully resourced to continue to thrive as an evangelical Christian publisher in the digital arena.


IVP has been publishing Christian books since the 1930s (originally books were published under the name Inter-Varsity Fellowship - IVF). Ronald Inchley, who died on 13 April 2005 (aged 93), was taken on by Douglas Johnson as the IVF's Publications Secretary soon after graduating from Birmingham University in 1936, a post which he held, apart from an interlude for war service, until 1976.[3]

Inchley was succeeded as Publishing Director by the Rev'd Frank Entwistle,[4] who had joined IVP in 1973 and remained there until his retirement in 2002.[5]

Prior to August 2004, when it was constituted as a separate Nottingham-based company[6] and charity[7] in its own right, IVP operated as a trading subsidiary of Inter-Varsity Fellowship Trust Limited.[8] At that time, editorial staff were based in UCCF's Leicester offices, with the warehouse and distribution in Norton Street, Nottingham (having moved from London in the 1970s). Today, IVP continues to publish and distribute Christian literature worldwide, with a distinct conservative evangelical ethos guaranteed by their continued adherence to the UCCF Doctrinal Basis. With much of the management and logistics of publishing shared with SPCK, IVP is well placed to move into the future secure in its distinct identity as the leading evangelical publisher in the UK.


  • Apollos – academic titles
  • Crossway Classic Commentaries and Bible Guides
  • Tyndale Bible Commentaries


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