Independent Labor Group

The Independent Labor Group was a minor Australian political grouping in the New South Wales Legislative Council from 1959 to 1977. The group emerged when a number of Labor Party MLCs were expelled from the party for voting against the abolition of the Legislative Council, which was then party policy.[1]

Eight Labor MLCs were expelled in 1959, and they were formally constituted as the Independent Labor Group on 22 August 1961, electing Thomas Gleeson as their leader. They held the balance of power throughout most of the early 1960s, increasing their numbers to ten in 1961, when the Coalition aided the election of Amelia Rygate.[2] In the late 1960s, however, the group's power began to diminish. Amelia Rygate rejoined the Labor Party in 1966; Anne Press joined the Liberal Party in 1967. The last Independent Labor representative, Cyril Cahill, died in 1977.


MLC Term
Thomas Gleeson[3] 1959–1975
Cyril Cahill 1959–1977
Donald Cochrane 1959–1964
Patrick Grace 1959–1964
Charles Hackett 1959–1964
John Kenny 1959–1970
Anne Press[4] 1959–1967
Gerald Rygate 1959–1960
Harry Gardiner 1960–1974
Michael Quinn[5] 1960–1965
Amelia Rygate[6] 1961–1966
Norman Boland 1966–1970
Hubert O'Connell[7] 1967–1971


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