Independent Current Coalition

Independent Current Coalition
تيار الاستقلال
Founded 15 June 2014 (15 June 2014)[1]
National affiliation Egypt[2]
House of Representatives
5 / 568

The Independent Current Coalition (Arabic: تيار الاستقلال, translit. Tayyar al-Istiqlal) is an alliance of political parties contesting the 2014 Egyptian parliamentary election in a joint list with the Egyptian Front, called Egypt.

The alliance was established on 15 June 2014[1] by the Independent Party Current,[3] which has been active since December 2012.[4] The alliance is also called the Supporting the President coalition.[3] The general coordinator of the alliance is Hamdy al-Fakharany.[5] The coalition is made up of 36 parties.[6]

Affiliated parties


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