Ian Jackson

Ian Jackson is a long time free software author and Debian developer. Jackson wrote dpkg[1][2][3] (replacing a more primitive Perl tool with the same name), SAUCE (Software Against Unsolicited Commercial Email), userv and debbugs. He used to maintain the Linux FAQ. He runs chiark.greenend.org.uk, a Linux system which is home to PuTTY among other things.

Jackson has a PhD in Computer Science[4] from Cambridge University. He currently works for Citrix[5] and previously worked for Canonical Ltd. and nCipher Corporation.

Jackson became Debian Project Leader in January 1998, before Wichert Akkerman took his place in 1999.[2] Debian GNU/Linux 2.0 (hamm) was released during his term. During that time he was also a vice-president and then president of Software in the Public Interest in 1998 and 1999.

Jackson was a member of the Debian Technical Committee[6] until November 2014 when he resigned[7] as a result of controversies around the proposed use of systemd in Debian.


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Preceded by
Bruce Perens
Debian Project Leader
January 1998 – December 1998
Succeeded by
Wichert Akkerman

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