Human Environment Animal Protection

Animal Protection Party
Chairperson Matthias Ebner, Robert Gabel, Sandra Lück
Founded 13 February 1993
Headquarters Schreiersgrüner Str. 5
08233 Treuen
Ideology Animal rights
Animal welfare
European affiliation Euro Animal 7
European Parliament group GUE/NGL (2014)
Colours White
0 / 630
State Parliaments
0 / 1,855
European Parliament
0 / 96

The Party Human Environment Animal Protection (German: Partei Mensch Umwelt Tierschutz, short form: Animal Protection Party, German: Tierschutzpartei) is a political party in Germany, founded in 1993. In 2014 one candidate was elected to the European Parliament. As of December 2014 the party has no members in the state parliaments, the European Parliament or the Bundestag.


The party aspires to turn away from the anthropocentric view of life. Its main goal is the introduction of more animal rights into the German constitution. Those include the right to live and the protection from physical and psychological damages. The Tierschutzpartei also demands prohibition of animal testing, bullfighting, hunting, the production of furs, circus animals and agricultural animal husbandry, as well as the adaptation of the people to veganism. The party supports a ban on genetic engineering and wants a reduction of car traffic and an immediate exit from nuclear energy. Economically it supports more social justice, a stamp duty and a free basic income.

In the 2014 European parliament elections, the Animal Protection Party received 1.25% of the national vote (366,303 votes in total) and returned one MEP, Stefan Eck, who sits with the EUL-NGL.[1] In December 2014 Eck left the party and became an independent MEP in the EUL-NGL-group.


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