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The Official Star Tribune Minnesota Twins Homer Hanky (or "Homer Hanky" for short) is a handkerchief printed with a (usually red) baseball-shaped logo during Minnesota Twins championship seasons (and in 1988 after winning the World Series in 1987). It was first introduced during the 1987 Pennant race, when the Twins won the American League Western division (AL West), by the Minneapolis Star Tribune as a promotional item for the newspaper during the pennant race.[1]



  • 1987: Red, baseball-shaped logo.
    • Printed at the end of the season
    • Created by Star Tribune promotions manager Terrie Robbins[2]
    • Twins won World Series (4–1 ALCSdef Detroit Tigers, 4–3 WS, def St. Louis Cardinals)[3]



Gap between 1989 and 1990


  • 1991: Red, baseball-shaped logo.
    • Printed at the end of the season
    • Twins won World Series (4-1 ALCS def Toronto Blue Jays, 4-3 WS, def Atlanta Braves)
  • 1992: Red, baseball-shaped logo.
    • Printed at the beginning of the season
    • Twins finished 2nd in AL West behind the Oakland A's


Gap between 1993 and 2001 1997 Homer Hanky was printed marking the 10th year anniversary of the 1987 season.

1987 10th Anniversary


In 2002 there seems to be two sizes of the Homer Hanky "Proud and Loud". A larger and "normal" size of 1512 inch square and a smaller size of 1312 inches square with "hanky stitching" on the edge.



  • 2004: Red, outline of a baseball field
    • Printed at the end of the season
    • Twins won AL Central but lost AL Division Series to New York Yankees (1–3).


Gap between 2004 and 2005


  • 2006: Red, State of MN with Minneapolis and St. Paul baseball player shaking hands (similar to the Twins logo from 1961 to 1986)
  • Twins won AL Central on the last day of the regular season, October 1, 2006
  • Twins lost in the ALDS to the Oakland Athletics (0–3)
    • Printed at the end of the season, available September 28, 2006


Gap between 2007 and 2008


  • Homer Hankies were given to all fans during what was to be the last regular season game at the Metrodome on October 4, 2009.
  • On October 6, 2009, the Star Tribune and the Minnesota Twins announced that there would be a 2009 Homer Hanky available.[4]
  • Twins won AL Central after beating the Detroit Tigers in one game playoff to determine the division champion on October 6.[5]


  • Homer Hankies were given to all fans before the 2010 Home Opener at Target Field. These Hankies featured the official Target Field inaugural season logo and the words "The Official Opening Day Homer Hanky" across the top, and "April 12th, 2010 Twins vs. Red Sox" across the bottom.
  • On September 22, the Twins introduced a 2010 Championship Hanky.


  • Homer Hankies were released for All-Star Week on July 11th, 2014. These hankies featured a red Minnesota outline and "All Star Week 2014" in blue.

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