Hoek, Mann and Jahns system

A system of taxonomy of algae, the Hoek, Mann and Jahns system was published in

Hoek, C. van den, Mann, D.G. and Jahns, H.M. (1995). Algae An Introduction to Phycology. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. ISBN 0-521-30419-9.

Division Cyanophyta (= Cyanobacteria)

Division Prochlorophyta

Division Glaucophyta

Division Rhodophyta

Division Heterokontophyta

  • Class Parmophyceae
  • Class Sarcinochrysidophyceae
  • Order Sarcinochrysidales (e.g., Ankylochrysis, Sarcinochrysis, Nematochrysis)
  • Genus Pelagococcus (relative of the Chrysophyceae)
  • Class Xanthophyceae
  • Order Chloramoebales (e.g., Chloromeson)
  • Order Rhizochloridales (e.g., Rhizochloris, Myxochloris)
  • Order Heterogloeales (e.g., Gloeochloris)
  • Order Mischococcales (e.g., Chloridella, Botrydiopsis, Characiopsis, Ophiocytium)
  • Order Tribonematales (e.g., Tribonema, Heterococcus, Heterodendron)
  • Order Botrydiales (e.g., Botrydium)
  • Order Vaucheriales (e.g., Vaucheria)

Division Haptophyta (= Prymnesiophyta)

Division Cryptophyta

Division Dinophyta

Division Euglenophyta

  • Order Euglenales (e.g., Euglena, Astasia)
  • Order Eutreptiales
  • Order Euglenamorphales
  • Order Rhabdomonadales
  • Order Sphenomonadales
  • Order Heteronematales

Division Chlorarachniophyta

Division Chlorophyta

  • Class Cladophorophyceae
  • Class Dasycladophyceae
  • Class Trentepohliophyceae
  • Position uncertain:

Note added in proof

In a note added in proof, an alternative classification is presented for the class Chlorophyceae:

  • Class Chlamydophyceae
  • Class Oedogoniophyceae

Many examples of genus given in the book could not be assigned to one of these classes, because the ultrastructural characteristics needed for their classification have not yet been studied.

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