Heroica Escuela Naval Militar

Heroica Escuela Naval Militar
Type Military college
Established 1897
Location Antón Lizardo, Veracruz, Mexico
Website Escuela Naval Militar

The Heroica Escuela Naval Militar is the officer training academy of the Mexican Navy.

It began operations on 1 June 1897 with a group of cadets from the Army's Colegio Militar who had expressed an interest in training as naval officers. It was originally located on the premises of the military garrison in Veracruz. Its original staff comprised one commandant (Captain Juan Antonio Bernal of the Navy), two officers, six teachers, and 26 cadets.

It was given the appellation Heroica ("Heroic") for its efforts in defending the port during the 1914 United States occupation of Veracruz.

On 11 November 1952 the Academy relocated to new premises in Antón Lizardo, Veracruz

Before graduating, last year cadets take an instructional journey on the ARM Cuauhtémoc. Since 2008, the school accepts lady cadets of the services branches.

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