Entrance to Hararit
Coordinates: 32°50′46″N 35°22′05″E / 32.84611°N 35.36806°E / 32.84611; 35.36806Coordinates: 32°50′46″N 35°22′05″E / 32.84611°N 35.36806°E / 32.84611; 35.36806
Council Misgav Regional Council
Founded 1980
Founded by Shahaf Transcendental Meditation group
Population (2017)[1] 466
Name meaning mountainous

Hararit (Hebrew: הֲרָרִית; lit. "mountainous")[2] is a community settlement in Western Galilee, Israel. In 2017 it had a population of 466.[1]


Hararit, located on the crest of Mount Netofa in the Lower Galilee, was established in 1980 as part of a government-sponsored project initiated by Labor party member Nissim Zvili.[3] It was part of a plan to bring more Jewish residents to the Galilee area.[3] Initially it was supposed to be settled by a group of Rafael employees, but they rejected it, as it was too far from their workplace, and eventually it was settled by Shahaf ("Seagull"), a group of people dedicated to the principles of Transcendental Meditation (TM).[4][5] By the year 2000 the TM group was reported to be only half of its original population.[6] In 2008, there were 95 families living in Hararit.[7]

Archaeologists have discovered three large ancient water cisterns and the remains of agricultural terraces in the vicinity of Hararit. [8]


The economy is largely based on hitec, alternative medicine, tourism, with some of the residents operating bed and breakfast establishments.[6]

Notable residents


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