Hakka Round House

Coordinates: 24°36′12.7″N 120°49′24.1″E / 24.603528°N 120.823361°E / 24.603528; 120.823361

Hakka Round House
General information
Location Houlong, Miaoli County, Taiwan
Opening 25 October 2014
Cost NT$130 million[1]
Owner Miaoli County Government
Technical details
Floor count 4
Floor area 3,476 m2

The Hakka Round House (Chinese: 客家圓樓; pinyin: Kèjiā Yuánlóu) is a Hakka building in Houlong Township, Miaoli County, Taiwan.[2][3]


The house was built by Miaoli County Government and was opened on 25 October 2014 with a cost of NT$130 million. In 2015, the county government planned to tender the operation of the building to ease its financial debt.[4]


The design of the house is based on the architecture of Tulou in Fujian. The house also consists of ring-shaped trails, arc-shaped observation deck, a welcoming square and water paths. The house has 1 floor underground and 3 floors above the ground.


The house is accessible from Miaoli Station of Taiwan High Speed Rail or Fengfu Station of Taiwan Railways Administration.

Opening time

The house is opened everyday except Monday from 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.

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