Place of origin Korea
Associated national cuisine Korean cuisine
Serving temperature Warm
Main ingredients Wheat flour, eggs
Cookbook: Gyeran-ppang  Media: Gyeran-ppang
Korean name
Hangul 계란빵
Hanja 鷄卵-
Revised Romanization gyeran-ppang
McCune–Reischauer kyeran-ppang
IPA [kje.ɾan.p͈aŋ]

Gyeran-ppang (계란빵; "egg bread") is a warm street snack sold throughout South Korea.[1] The fluffy, oblong-shaped loaf of bread is sweet and savory with a whole egg inside the pancake dough.[2][3]


A Gyeran-ppang machine is an appliance with a few dozen oblong slots for pouring cake batter and eggs.[2] The cake mix usually consists of wheat flour, baking powder, milk, eggs, butter, sugar, salt and vanilla extract.[3] A whole egg is cracked onto the batter in each slot, and the egg breads are cooked till golden brown.[2] Common toppings include chopped parsley, cheese, and diced ham.[3]

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