Gustav Adolf Grammar School

Gustav Adolf Grammar School
Gustav Adolfi Gümnaasium
The main building of the Gustav Adolf Grammar School
Suur-Kloostri 16
Tallinn, Harjumaa
Type Public
Motto Vanim, vaimne, väärikas
(Oldest, spiritual, dignified)
Founded 16 February 1631
Opened 6 June 1631
Founder Gustav II Adolf
Principal Hendrik Agur
Grades 1–12
Color(s) Green, purple, blue, white
Nickname GAG
National ranking 3rd [1]

The Gustav Adolf Grammar School is a secondary school in Tallinn, Estonia.[2] Swedish king Gustavus Adolphus established it as the Reval Gymnasium in 1631. It is one of the oldest extant secondary schools in Europe.



King Gustavus Adolphus founded the school as the Reval Gymnasium. Until 1645 it consisted of four forms: quarta, tertia, secunda and prima, in ascending order. The teaching staff consisted of four professors and two colleagues (teachers of quarta and tertia). Pupils were taught rhetoric, poetry, Greek, Latin, and Ancient Hebrew languages, mathematics, theology, history etc.


The school buildings were originally constructed in the 13th century as a nunnery. Later the buildings has been rebuilt and expanded on. The latest renovation, completed in 1999, was intended to recover its historical appearance and value. The school is adjacent to the 13th century Tallinn Old Town city wall, which gives the whole complex a unique historic atmosphere and beauty.


Today, the school provides both primary and secondary education. In the secondary stage (gymnasium) students can choose between natural sciences, Swedish, English-Mathematics and English-French direction.

Notable faculty

  • Alfred Rosenberg (1893–1946), German theorist and Nazi official, executed for war crimes


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