Guoxing Avenue

Guoxing Avenue
(Chinese: 国兴大道)
Guoxing Avenue's west part looking east at the International Tourism and Central Business District
Route information
Length 5 km (3 mi)
Existed 2005 circa. – present
Major junctions
East end Qiongzhou Bridge over the Nandu River
West end Longkun Road

Guoxing Avenue (Chinese: 国兴大道) is a major street in Haikou, Hainan, China. It runs in an east-west direction in the heart of the city. Its west end terminates at Longkun Road and its east end terminates at the Qiongzhou Bridge which crosses the Nandu River.


Guoxing Avenue was once Haikou's main airport (since relocated to Haikou Meilan International Airport southeast of the city centre). Built around 2005, the avenue was first seldom used for vehicular traffic route. Most of the land on the north and south sides were unoccupied. It has since become a heavily trafficked road.

In 2017, the west end was connected to a newly built road that provides access to the new neighbourhood 'Haikou West Coast' located around 7 km west of the Haikou city centre. The east end of Guoxing connects to the route to Haikou Meilan International Airport.

Notable buildings

Guoxing can be considered as having two parts separated by the north-south Haifu Road:


The west part contains the following:

  • A group of apartment and office buildings on the extreme west end on both the north and south sides
  • HNA Building, the headquarters of Hainan Airlines
  • International Tourism and Central Business District, a cluster of new office towers
  • Riyue Mall, the largest plaza in the city
  • Haikou Tower complex, under-construction
  • Hainan Government Planning Exhibition Centre


The east part contains the following:


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