Gulf Coast League Braves

Gulf Coast League Braves
Founded in 1976
(1964-1967, 1976-present)
Lake Buena Vista, Florida
Cap insignia
Current Rookie
Minor league affiliations
League Gulf Coast League (1966-1967, 1976-present)
Division Northeast Division
Previous leagues
Major league affiliations
Current Atlanta Braves
Previous Milwaukee Braves (1964-1965)
Minor league titles
League titles (2)
  • 1964
  • 2003
Division titles (1) 2003
Team data
  • GCL Braves (1976-present)
  • FRL Braves (1965)
  • SRL Braves (1964)
Previous names
  • Florida Rookie League Braves (1965)
  • Sarasota Rookie League Braves (1964)
Ballpark Champion Stadium
Atlanta Braves
General Manager unknown

The Gulf Coast League Braves are the rookie-level minor league baseball affiliate of the Atlanta Braves. The team plays at the Walt Disney World Resort at Champion Stadium at Disney's Wide World of Sports Complex. The team is composed mainly of players who are in their first year of professional baseball either as draftees or non-drafted free agents from the United States, Canada, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, and other countries.

The team traces its history to the earliest days of "complex-based" baseball. Initially based in Sarasota, Florida, it was a member of the short-lived Sarasota Rookie League (1964) and Florida Rookie League (1965), and was a charter club in the Gulf Coast League when it formed in 1966. The GCL Braves have operated from 1964 to 1967 and continuously since 1976.[1]

In 2003, the Gulf Coast Braves won a best-of-three series to defeat the Gulf Coast Pirates and become the Gulf Coast League champions. They did not make the playoffs in 2006. In 2015, the Gulf Coast Braves finished second in the Northeast division with a 27–33 record. They were 9.5 games behind the division-winning GCL Tigers, and did not make the playoffs.


Gulf Coast League Braves roster
Players Coaches/Other


  • 30 Alex Aquino
  • 26 Zach Becherer
  • 18 Alger Hodgson
  • 49 Miguel Jerez
  • 93 Deyvis Julian
  • 54 Jackson Lourie
  • 22 Jose Montilla
  • 68 Gabriel Noguera ‡
  • -- Matt Rowland
  • 25 Filyer Sanchez
  • 38 Jhoniel Sepulveda
  • 46 Ramon A. Taveras
  • 36 Albinson Volquez


  • 14 Ricardo Rodriguez
  • 15 Zack Soria


  • 48 Juan Morales
  • 91 Justin Morhardt
  •  9 Luis Ovando
  • 20 Braulio Vasquez
  • 19 Nicholas Vizcaino


  • 64 Carlos Baerga
  • 79 Jeremy Fernandez
  • 68 Adam Groesbeck (Military leave)
  • 53 Yoeli Lopez
  • 56 Jackson Pokorney



  • 12 Rick Albert (hitting)
  • 43 Iván Cruz (coach)
  • 55 Wigberto Nevarez (coach)
  • 27 Elvin Nina (pitching)

60-day disabled list

  • 56 Jackson Pokorney

7-day disabled list
* On Atlanta Braves 40-man roster
# Rehab assignment
∞ Reserve list
‡ Restricted list
§ Suspended list
† Temporary inactive list
Roster updated July 1, 2018
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Atlanta Braves minor league players


Year Record Finish Manager Playoffs
SRL Braves (1964)[2]
196436-231stPaul SnyderLeague Champs
No playoffs
FRL Braves (1965)[3]
196534-252ndPaul SnyderNo playoffs
GCL Braves[4]
196627-212ndTom SaffellNo playoffs until 1983
196727-325thTom Saffell
197621-326thChuck Goggin & Pedro Gonzalez
197722-315thPedro Gonzalez
197825-304thPedro Gonzalez
197926-284thPedro Gonzalez
198037-253rdPedro Gonzalez
198128-348thPedro Gonzalez
198232-314thPedro Gonzalez
198332-284thPedro Gonzalez
198431-326thPedro Gonzalez
198526-357thPedro Gonzalez
198629-349thPedro Gonzalez
198720-4310thPedro Gonzalez
198816-4712thPedro Gonzalez
198937-264th (t)Jim Procopio
199033-296thJim Procopio
199130-296th (t)Jim Saul
199222-3714thJim Saul
199332-264thJim Saul
199413-4615thJim Saul
199514-4316thJim Saul
199614-4516thRobert Lucas (11-36) / Chino Cadahia (3-9)
199721-3815thFrank Howard
199825-3511th (t)Rick Albert
199927-3310thRick Albert
200026-3410thRick Albert
200130-308thRick Albert
200228-328th (t)Jim Saul
200338-221stRalph HenriquezLeague Champs
vs. GCL Pirates (2 games to 0)
Won in 1st round
vs. GCL Red Sox (1 games to 0)
200423-3610thRalph Henriquez
200524-288thLuis Ortiz
200623-278thLuis Ortiz
200717-4315thLuis Ortiz
200829-299th (t)Luis Ortiz
200926-3413thLuis Ortiz
201027-3112thLuis Ortiz
201124-3412thJonathan Schuerholz
201221-3714thRocket Wheeler
201326-3412thRocket Wheeler
201429-309thRocket Wheeler
201527-3311thRobinson Cancel


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