Guianan cuisine

French Guianan Cuisine or Guianan Cuisine is rich of different cultures that blend in French Guiana, Chinese restaurants alongside Creole restaurants in major cities such as Cayenne, Kourou and Saint-Laurent-du-Maroni. Guianan Cuisine originally concerned Creole cuisines, bushi-nengues cuisines, and Native American cuisines. All these cuisines have many ingredients in common :


Spices and condiments


Common Fruits


Game (hunting)


Local Cuisine

Creole cuisine blends flavors of tropical products Amazonian many from the forest as cassava, awara the comou and game. But many dishes have their roots deep in Africa, Asia, India and Europe. What gives it that spicy and subtle flavor. On the local market, instead of obligatory passage, the Creole merchant advise and make taste their products. This ranges from couac, cassava flour, essential for the realization of fierce lawyer, which draws all its power from the cayenne pepper. The cassava, long reserved for the poor, becoming a sought-after commodity, it is used in the stuffed restaurants in the cod chiquetaille or sweetened either with coconut jam, or with grated coconut or guava paste. As for cod fritters, which consume a starter or an aperitif, they accompany the famous Ti' Punch.[1]



  • Creole pudding
  • Shrimp Marinades
  • Cod fritters
  • Stuffed crabs
  • soup z'habitants (creole soup)
  • Mangrove oysters (from Montsinéry)

Dishes (food)

  • Blaff of fish or chicken
  • Awara broth
  • Calalou (smoked preparation meat and / or shrimp and pigtails to country basis spinach and Calous)
  • Lawyer Fierce
  • Kalawang (green mango salad)
  • Guianan colombo (stew of meat and vegetables with curry: potato, green arricot, etc.)
  • Fricassee of pig, chicken, beef...
  • Lizard or iguana fricassee
  • Giraumonade (mashed pumpkin)
  • Gratin couac
  • Gratin various (papaya, ti-concombe, dasheen etc.)
  • Pig-tails Beans ("haricot rouj ké la tcho cochon" in creole)
  • Pimentade (fish in tomato sauce)
  • Fish sauce maracudja
  • Yam puree
  • Salad couac
  • Creole steak
  • Smoked Fish
  • Smoked Chicken
  • Pork ribs smoked
  • Lenses with pig-tails (" lanty ké la tcho cochon" in creole)

Desserts, sweets, pastries

  • Angou (desserts)
  • Coconut Jam,
  • Sweet potato jam,
  • Conserve (coconut tablet)
  • Couac coconut (sweetened semolina)
  • Creticus (candied coconut)
  • Frozen sorrel
  • Lotcho (sweet pulp coconut)
  • Pistachio Nougat (black nougat)
  • Ramiquin (pulled candy sugar)
  • Barley Sugar
  • Wang (sweet or savory powder)
  • Zoa (semolina sugary cereal)
  • Zorey Milat (fruit in syrup jam)
  • Coconut sorbet
  • French toast
  • Sispa
  • Banana salad
  • Eggs with milk
  • Lanmou chinwa (cake)
  • American (cake)
  • Bindingwel,
  • Countess
  • Dizé milé (donut)
  • Dokonon (poached cake in foil)
  • Cramanioc cake (pudding)
  • Marzipan,
  • Banana pulp (slipper)


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