Green Italy

Green Italy
Green Italia
Leader Monica Frassoni
Co-spokespersons Annalisa Corrado
Oliviero Allotto
Founded 28 June 2013
Ideology Green politics
National affiliation Green Italy – European Greens (2014 EP election)
European affiliation none
International affiliation none
European Parliament group no MEPs
Chamber of Deputies
0 / 630
0 / 315
European Parliament
0 / 73

Green Italy (Italian: Green Italia, GI) is a green political party in Italy.

The party was founded in June 2013 by a heterogeneous group of politicians, notably including Monica Frassoni (co-spokesperson of the European Green Party and former independent MEP of the Federation of the Greens), Fabio Granata and Flavia Perina (former members and deputies of the Italian Social Movement, National Alliance, The People of Freedom and Future and Freedom), Roberto Della Seta and Francesco Ferrante (former senators of the Democratic Party and former leaders of Legambiente), Marco Boato, Fiorello Cortiana and Anna Donati (former Green MPs; Boato, a former Radical, is still an active member of that party), as well as green economy entrepreneurs, intellectuals and activists.[1][2][3]

For the 2014 European Parliament election the party presented joint lists with the Greens, under the name Green Italy – European Greens.[4][5] The list obtained a mere 0.9% of the vote—and 6.0% among Italians abroad.[6] In the municipal election of Padua Francesco Fiore, a member of GI's national board,[3] came fourth with 9.9% at the head of a civic list.[7]


  • Co-spokespersons: Annalisa Corrado / Oliviero Allotto (2013–present)
  • Co-presidents: Monica Frassoni / Fabio Granata (2013–2015)


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