Google Fusion Tables

Google Fusion Tables
Screenshot of Google Fusion Tables.
Type of site
Created by Google
Registration Optional, included with a Google Account
Launched June 9, 2009 (2009-06-09)
Current status Active

Google Fusion Tables (or simply Fusion Tables) is a web service provided by Google for data management. Fusion tables can be used for gathering, visualising and sharing data tables. Data are stored in multiple tables that Internet users can view and download. The website launched in June 2009, announced by Alon Halevy and Rebecca Shapley.[1]

The web service provides means for visualizing data with pie charts, bar charts, lineplots, scatterplots, timelines, and geographical maps. Data are exported in a comma-separated values file format.

The service was further described in a scientific paper in 2010.[2]

The size of uploaded data sets is currently limited to 250 MB per user.[3]

In the 2011 upgrade of Google Docs, Fusion Tables became a default feature, under the title "Tables (beta)".


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