Google Current

Google Current
Presented by Conor Knighton, Kinga Philipps
Starring Brett Erlich
Dave Hill
Eric Ledgin
Stephen Schneider
Country of origin United States
Running time 5 minutes
Original network Current TV
Original release August 1st, 2005 – July 10th, 2007
Followed by InfoMania

Google Current was a brief, once every half hour, television program on the channel Current TV. Selected episodes were also available on the Internet. The series tracked not necessarily what the news was, but what people were searching for on Google.

The show was the first ever show aired on Current when the network went on the air at 12:00am on August 1, 2005.

Each episode had a one or two word title, based on one of the websites or search terms highlighted. The top-of-the-hour segments used live hosts, while the middle-of-the-hour segments are presented with text, graphics and music. The hosted segments focus on searches (which may or may not be related) that have recently seen increased popularity. Meanwhile, the segments at half past the hour looked at the top five searches featuring a certain word; for example, the top five "twins" searches included the Olsen twins and the Minnesota Twins.

The show was hosted by Conor Knighton and Kinga Philipps and featured Brett Erlich, Dave Hill, Eric Ledgin, and Stephen Schneider. Guest hosts included Johnny Bell, Nzinga Blake, and Kendis Gibson. On the UK version of Current TV the main host was Graeme Smith.

As of July 10, 2007 the hosted segments of Google Current in the US no longer aired. The same staff later produces InfoMania on Current TV. The UK continued to run its own version which was filmed daily in London until the end of 2008.

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