Gomotage language

Native to China
Region Yunnan
Language codes
ISO 639-3 None (mis)
Glottolog None

Gomotage (ɣɔ˨˩mɔ˧ta˥ɣə˨˩; also known as ɣɔ˧˩mɔ˧zɔ˧˩ in Duan (1998)[1]) is a Loloish language of Eryuan County, Yunnan. Gomotage is probably closely related to Kua-nsi, spoken in Heqing County (Yang 2010:7).[2]


Duan (1998:147) lists the following locations.

  • Eryuan County 洱源县
    • Dasongdian 大松甸,[3] Cibi Township 茨碧乡[4]
    • Dananping 南大坪,[5] Sanying Township 三营乡
    • Sanmei Village 三枚村,[6] Yousuo Township 右所乡
  • Heqing County 鹤庆县
    • Anle 安乐[7] and Xinfeng 新丰, Chengjiao Township 城郊乡
    • Dafudi 大福地,[8] Xingtun Township 辛屯乡
    • Xiyuan Village 西圆村,[9] Beiya Township 北衙乡


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