Goldberg system

A system of plant taxonomy, the Goldberg system was published in:

  • Goldberg (1986). "Classification, Evolution and Phylogeny of the Families of Dicotyledons". Smithsonian Contributions to Botany. 58: 1–314. 
  • Goldberg (1989). "Classification, Evolution and Phylogeny of the Families of Monocotyledons". Smithsonian Contributions to Botany. 71: 1–73. 

Aaron Goldberg treats the Angiosperms, in which he recognizes 334 families and 59 orders of Dicotyledons and accept 57 families and 18 orders of Monocotyledons:

Note: This is a selected list of the more influential systems. There are many other systems, for instance a review of earlier systems, published by Lindley in his 1853 edition, and Dahlgren (1982). Examples include the works of Scopoli, Batsch and Grisebach.

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