Goanna (software)

Developer(s) M.C. Straver[1]
Initial release January 2016[2]
Written in C++
Type Browser engine
License MPL 2.0
Website www.moonchildproductions.info/goanna.shtml

Goanna is an open source browser engine that is a fork of Mozilla's Gecko.[3] It is used in the Pale Moon browser, the Basilisk browser, and the FossaMail email client.

Goanna as an independent fork of Gecko was first released in January 2016.[2] The project's founder and lead developer, M.C. Straver,[1] had both technical and legal motives to do this in the context of Pale Moon's increasing divergence from Firefox.[4][5]

Of note, Goanna does not have any of the Rust language components that were added to Gecko during Mozilla's Quantum project.[6][7]

Standards support

Core web standards supported in Goanna:

  • HTML5
  • CSS 2.1 plus some of CSS 3
  • DOM Level 2 plus some of Level 3


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