GoPubMed was a knowledge-based search engine for biomedical texts.[1] The Gene Ontology (GO) and Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) serve as "Table of contents" in order to structure the millions of articles of the MEDLINE database. MeshPubMed was at one point a separate project, but now the two have been merged.

The technologies used in GoPubMed are generic and can in general be applied to any kind of texts and any kind of knowledge bases.The system was developed at the Technische Universität Dresden by Michael Schroeder and his team at Transinsight., the semantic search engine for the life sciences, has been recognized with the 2009 red dot: best of the best award in the category communication design – graphical user interfaces and interactive tool. Transinsight has been recognized with the German Innovation Prize IT for its outstanding developments in Enterprise Semantic Intelligence at CeBIT 2011.


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