Gnostic Society

Gnostic Society
Founded 1928
Focus Study, understanding and personal experience of Gnosis
  • Besant Lodge, 2560 North Beachwood Drive, Los Angeles, California, 90068, USA
Official language

The Gnostic Society is an organization founded in Los Angeles in 1928, and incorporated in 1939, by John Morgan Pryse (1863-1952) and his brother James Morgan Pryse (1859-1942) for studies of Gnosticism. Stephan A. Hoeller, PhD, noted author and lecturer and a leading exponent of Gnosticism as living religious practice, has been director of studies since 1963, and is also the Bishop of the Ecclesia Gnostica.

The Gnostic Society is an educational organization "dedicated to advancing the study, understanding, and individual experience of Gnosis." Dr. Hoeller has been giving Friday evening lectures at the Gnostic Society in the Los Angeles area for over forty years. Admission is free, relying on voluntary offerings. Many of these lectures have been recorded and are available in mp3 format.


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