Glasgow University Students' Representative Council

Glasgow University Students' Representative Council
Institution University of Glasgow
Location Glasgow, Scotland
Established 1886
President Lauren McDougall
Sabbatical officers VP Education
Emma Hardy
VP Student Activities
Scott Kirby
VP Student Support
Fatemeh Nokhbeh
Members c. 23,000
Affiliations Coalition of Higher Education Students in Scotland, National Postgraduate Committee, Aldwych Group
Address McIntyre Building, University Avenue, Glasgow G12 8QQ

Glasgow University Students' Representative Council was founded on 9 March 1886 and recognised as the legal representative body for students of the University of Glasgow by the Universities (Scotland) Act 1889. The SRC is responsible for representing students' interests to the management of the University and to local and national government, and for health and welfare issues. Under the Universities (Scotland) Acts, all students of the University automatically become members of the SRC. However, they are entitled to opt out of this.

Unlike at other Scottish Universities, the SRC plays a limited role in the social lives of students, those being the purview of the Glasgow University Union (GUU) and the Queen Margaret Union (QMU), although it does organise numerous welfare initiatives, as well as funding some one hundred clubs and societies. Since 1968, all of the SRC's offices have been located in the McIntyre Building on University Avenue.


The SRC was founded on 9 March 1886 by a body of students whose primary focus was raising funds to build the GUU. Prior to this the only official representation to the university had been carried out through the office of Rector and rectorial clubs such as the Peel Club formed in 1836.

The McIntyre Building, in which the SRC is based, had been built in 1890 to house the then newly formed GUU.

In 1932, the GUU obtained its own building at the foot of University Avenue and the McIntyre Building became home to the Queen Margaret Union. At this time, the SRC was housed in rooms in Pearce Lodge, the former gatehouse of the University's old site on the High Street which had been reassembled at Gilmorehill. However, it moved into the John McIntyre Building when new premises were built for the QM in 1969. The dedication refers to John McIntyre, a physician who donated five thousand pounds (equal to around £300,000 in 2010[1]) for its construction, in memory of his wife Anne.

Notable former officers


The SRC Council comprises forty-five representatives. As of 2017 these are:[2]

University Departments are responsible for organising the election of individual class representatives, who are supported in their duties by the Vice-President (Education) and their College's Convenor.[3] The Academic Convenors sit on various committees within their Faculty and are ex officio members of the Senate. The four sabbatical officers are also accorded membership of the Senate, while the President and a Court Assessor (elected by the Council) are entitled to sit on the University Court. The Council also elects representatives to various university committees, including the Health, Safety & Environment Committee, the Library Committee and the Academic Dress Committee.

The SRC is also home to the Rector of the University, elected by the students to represent them. This is achieved primarily through the Rector's role as chair of the University Court. The current Rector is prominent human rights Lawyer Aamer Anwar.

Glasgow University SRC is represented at a national level by the Coalition of Higher Education Students in Scotland (CHESS), the National Postgraduate Committee (NPC), and the Aldwych Group.


The SRC provides the following non-representative services to students at the University:

  • Advice Centre - free and confidential advice
  • Jobshop - a job vacancies service
  • Secondhand Bookshop - students can buy and sell course texts
  • Nightline - an anonymous, confidential telephone support and information service
  • Photocopying - the cheapest photocopying service available for students at the University

Until 2004 the SRC ran a shop selling stationery, newspapers, snacks and University merchandise. It was housed in the "HUB" building beside the University library, now refurbished as the Fraser Building.


The SRC also partly funds and houses four Student Media groups. They retain editorial independence from the SRC whilst benefiting from its support. Many of those involved in the SRC's Student Media have won awards for their work and gone on to find a career in the media.

These groups are:

The SRC previously referred to the media as "publications" and until 2004 the SRC website was run as a fifth media group. There are other student run media groups at the University, housed within the unions, including the GUUi and qmunicate.


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