Geera pork

Geera pork is a style of pork cooked only with cumin seeds and pepper. The pork is cut into small pieces and seasoned with salt, hot pepper(s), chives, onions, garlic, Black pepper, pimentos, and bandania, bandanya (related to cilantro, the herb is also known as culantro (Spanish/English), chadon beni (Trinidadian), pak chi farang (Thai), ngo gai (Vietnamese), recao (Spanish), and fitweed (Guyanese)), that is then left to marinate (preferably over-night) oil is placed in the pot and when hot place the seasoned meat in to be fried for a few minutes. Water is then added to the pot and the pork is allowed to cook. It is cooked until all the water has dried out leaving the pork and a bit of oil.

Geera Pork is commonly served in bars as finger food or 'cutters'.



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