Gawwada language

Native to Ethiopia
Region Dirashe special woreda, Southern Nations, Nationalities, and People's Region
Native speakers
69,000 (2007 census)[1]
  • Gawwada proper
  • Dihina
  • Gergere
  • Gollango
  • Gorose
  • Harso
Ethiopic script
Language codes
ISO 639-3 gwd
Glottolog gaww1239[2]

Gawwada (also known as Gauwada, Gawata, Kawwad'a, Kawwada) is an Afro-Asiatic language spoken in southern Ethiopia. It is a Dullay language. Varieties include Dihina, Gergere, Gollango (= Gaba?), Gorose, Harso; Blench (2006) considers these to be distinct languages.[3]


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