Games of the Small States of Europe

The Games of the Small States of Europe (GSSE) is a biennial, multi-sport event, launched by the Republic of San Marino, organized by and featuring the National Olympic Committees of nine European small states since 1985. The Games are held at the end of May or beginning of June, and feature competition in nine Summer Olympic sports.

Member countries

The games are organized by the members of the European Olympic Committees (EOC). From its initial forming at the 1984 Olympics through 2009 there were eight members; the group's ninth member (Montenegro) was added in 2009. Members all have a population of less than one million people (Cyprus is the only exception, however its population was below one million in 1984). Participating countries are:

(*) Montenegro became the ninth GSSE country on 1 June 2009.

The Faroe Islands are also seeking to compete at the Games; however, unlike the other participants, the Islands are neither an independent state (they are an autonomous part of Denmark) nor are they an EOC member.


EditionYearCompetition datesHostLocationNationsSportsAthletes
I 198523–26 MayCity of San Marino San Marino8-222
II 198714–17 MayMonaco City Monaco8-468
III 198917–20 MayNicosia Cyprus8-675
IV 199121–25 MayAndorra la Vella Andorra8-697
V 199325–29 MayValletta Malta8-690
VI 199529 May – 3 JuneLuxembourg (city) Luxembourg8-684
VII 19972–7 JuneReykjavík Iceland8-714
VIII 199924–29 MayVaduz Liechtenstein8-566
IX 200129 May – 2 JuneCity of San Marino San Marino8-658
X 20032–7 JuneValletta Malta810765
XI 200530 May – 4 JuneAndorra la Vella Andorra810793
XII 20074–9 JuneMonaco City[1] Monaco812786
XIII 20091–6 JuneCyprus (3 cities) Cyprus812843
XIV 201130 May – 4 JuneLiechtenstein (9 cities) Liechtenstein99750
XV 201327 May – 1 JuneLuxembourg (city) Luxembourg912762
XVI 20151–6 JuneReykjavík Iceland911789
XVII 201729 May – 3 June[2]City of San Marino San Marino911889
XVIII 201927 May – 1 JuneBudva[3][4] Montenegro[5]911-
XIX 2021-Andorra la Vella Andorra[6]---
XX 2023-Valletta Malta[7]---
XXI 2025-Monaco City Monaco[8]---

List of sporting disciplines

At the 2013 Games 11 disciplines were contested (with both men's and women's divisions):

All-time medal table

Updated after the 2017 Games of the Small States of Europe.

Rank Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
1 Iceland4793673581204
2 Cyprus4683983541220
3 Luxembourg3693713461086
4 Monaco119148220487
5 Malta67132193392
6 Liechtenstein647394231
7 San Marino61109141311
8 Andorra4589118252
9 Montenegro35122471


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